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  1. Sadly in all my experiences cultural differences is the only non-racist answer you will ever get.
  2. Khazador

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    Just for the record I was saying I thought 3 weeks was a bit much. IMHO 7 days was optimal but 2 weeks is meh but doable.
  3. Khazador

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    So yeah for NA servers 9 days and EU 2 months.
  4. Khazador

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    wtf what country do you live in, but in the interest of cooperation 9 days.
  5. Khazador

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    Sure but I think 7 days is more then enough time for a vacation, don't you?
  6. Khazador

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    3 weeks is a bit long for sure reduce to 7 days and scale down accordingly.
  7. You are pretty much right on the nose with most of this. A hybrid server would cure alot of these issues.
  8. You rolled it back way to far this is like 2 hours.
  9. Khazador


    They brought the server back up but it was not a simple rollback it was like 2 hours or so.
  10. Khazador

    This dang timer is ridiculous!

    You say you have a couple claimed and it is more then 50 lol that is way more then a couple. I have a couple and it is 3.
  11. Khazador


    I am also curious.
  12. Khazador

    NPC Crew contests land claims

    oh that is good to know
  13. Khazador

    NPC Crew contests land claims

    So if fully fed and payed you have an additional 7 days of defense. Lame.
  14. NPC crew can still contest land claims like sleeping people did, just a heads up if this was intended or not.
  15. Khazador

    Tame is disappearing and reappearing (Phasing)

    The server has restarted and it still did not fix this issue.