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  1. If you took the current breeding and just modified the way it works a bit it would be very easy to balance and shorten the time required while making it more interesting. Its not hard to balance as long as there are Pro's and Cons to breeding. With the Cons being more than just time invested. If the actual taking care of the baby was more automated say there's a nursery building that requires food and fuel to keep the baby alive while also providing mini-games to reduce the overall timer. This would increase the chances of a baby surviving. so a Pro. The cons of the new system to deter mass breeding using the same tames. have the offspring "consume" stats that are inherited from the parents. Making the First child have better base stats than the next and so on. (while this is less realistic it is more of a balancing mechanic) This would also encourage breeding lower tames for practice, increasing the value of first born from perfect tames, removes a good portion of RNG that just sucks. Survival should reflect effort put in to an act. Not an RNG temp swing that kills the kid. On that Note Taming does need some work. The current taming is just boring. arrow arrow arrow bola, feed repeat. With that in mind how can you change a boring process to make it more interesting and not overly time consuming. I think there should be different ways to tame different animals. for example. Horses you have to continue riding them for a given time without being thrown off. (breaking a horse) more aggressive tames like lions and tigers and such should be sedated then fed or would have to be bred and the cub would then have to be imprinted on. (some animals cant just be forcibly tamed but take a more lengthy process) Transporting tames should be more "behind the scenes" you have to build cages similar to cargo racks and a tame when selecing "move to 'ship name' " it stores them in the Cage. simple this got pretty lengthy sorry. haha just some ideas ive been brewing for awhile that make it more interesting and give some depth to the current systems and provide a reasonable way to balance Edit: changed some wording
  2. G6 tried all boarders and nothing. dying and moving that way didnt work nor did fast travel via beds. the only way i can get to a new area is change home region>die>restart game> respawn.
  3. yea i have put in a ticket. messaged their twitter. and put it here. so hopefully they see it soon. no response at all so far tho.
  4. was unable to transfer to any server. anyone else? Edit: Also i play on NA PVP (PC )
  5. same issue: cannot join eu pvp please do something to let me login.
  6. Alright just with my 50 or so hours i have found some major flaws in some of the system mechanics.. Hunger: Why complicate it further than just hunger? The entire vitamin system is complicated and unnecessary. -simple fix. simplify it. just get hungry. Bed re-spawning: There is a benefit to this system but the execution is a bit poor. There is no drawback to dying and re-spawning. the hunger system is just ignored due to this. Why prep food and water when you can just throw a bed out and constantly re-spawn. Another issue with this is that it takes a large part of the risk/reward out of the game. Territory claiming: Since there is no limit to how many claims you can put down(in total), why wouldn't you just claim everything(which is currently happening)? You are forcing your players to be in large groups to survive or enjoy the game. It also takes 10 hours to steal a claim. This time restraint is likely due to the lack of supporting systems. - a pretty straight forward approach to solving this issue would be having a single claim node that would grow in size depending on the size of the "company" i.e. small companies would could claim land but only in a size to member ratio. Leaving more space on large islands for other small groups. Maybe they don't get along and have small battles. where as a large company could claim an entire island as a main base, but only one per company. Alliances could have permissions on land and structures, leading to bartering or taxes. -Seizing territory: pretty simple destroy the node then go through the claiming process. once a new claim is placed the previous one dissapears and is free game. This could lead to power struggles fighting over better islands. not just killing anyone who steps in the server you claimed at the start of the game. this also loops back into the supplemental systems. smaller companies offering bounties on larger companies, the need to patrol your area( player or hired NPC). Functioning currency system. What good are pirates without currency to plunder. Just some ideas I've had while playing. Out of all of these the hardest would probably be writing the AI for the NPC's so that they are not mindless zombies yet not as good as an actual player(good player). yea, the supporting systems for Offline protection would be the hardest. By offline protection i don't mean the stupid anti raid from ARK, that is garbage. Last issue is that of grievers and by that i mean extended grieving. Destroying a base multiple times just to reset a company. holding players captive, stealing new players ships when you have a fleet. This can be controlled by the community as long as the tools are there to emphasize it. some examples could bounties, heists, raids, reputation systems faction based free ports that have goods that only spawn in their areas. smuggling. this all can work in both pvp and pve. while most of the issues pointed out are plaguing PVP, they also are plaguing PVE. The Rep system could also lead to bounties where you have to turn in a players body(since you can pick it up and move it). interesting idea. This has been rather long winded. Thanks for reading. “We have another chance to navigate, perhaps in a slightly different way than we did yesterday. We cannot go back. But we can learn.” lets keep the game moving in a positive direction.
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