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  1. This is my opinion, and it was not made for you but for the developers, clearly you did not read what I wrote, much less understood what I meant, if you are not here to have a healthy discussion on the subject I ask you to lose your time with something else, I do not stop doing something because it is difficult, but the game need a lot of adjustment and new features, it is very easy to come on topic and tell me to put something aside and buy animals domesticated by other players, but proposing viable solutions is for people who think of something better for a community, show me counter-proposals, not lack of education.
  2. I don't personally think 4hours of pregnancy helps people how plays just 3 our 4 hours the game. But yeah,, a lot of things need to be change.
  3. I am creating this topic for developers about the taming and breeding system of animals, I feel that this part of the game is being left out and is one of the factors that makes me want to play Atlas, so as a first suggestion I think the time of the ballerina should increase from 1:30 to at least 2 minutes, the hitbox of the trapped animals should also be adjusted, because the elephants and giraffes end up hitting even when we are behind them, since the breeding system the time for gestation is very far, and may take up to 4 hours, I think this time could be reduced to 1 hour only and the time to procreate again should be reduced to 24 hours, there are other suggestions that I also find relevant to mention, for example, the composer, for me it doesn't make much sense make fertilizer in your own inventory, if there was a compost it would be possible to create fertilizers inside it with feces and straw. Another relevant point is the lack of at least one marine animal and a flying bird to be tamed, it would also be interesting to add fish traps. Something that also bothers a lot is the issue of animal transport, there is a mod that allows the transport of animals through a mystical bottle, asism as in Ark where we use cryopods, there should be some way we can transport large animals in a more organized way, but still influencing the ship's crew and weight. That's it, I hope that everything is taken into account and something is at least relevant, because for me these changes would be necessary.
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