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  1. Hello, I know this may seem insignificant to some but to those of you who spend a portion of each of your game-play experience going around and repairing all of the lanterns on your dock so that you can enjoy how beautiful they look (and how amazing the water looks when lanterns are lit up everywhere!) - would it possible to please consider increasing the length in which the lanterns last by at LEAST 24 hours? They currently only last 24 hours and that means every day - some of us need to go and repair nearly 30-40 lanterns - which is fine, I'm doing it anyways - but I feel like it's such a small quality of life change that would only improve the general enjoyment of lanterns. Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work!!!!
  2. Cryx

    Unhealthy foreign interaction.

    Completely agree - the level of Racism I've witnessed and heard in this game is beyond anything I've EVER seen in gaming... or in real life -_-
  3. Cryx

    @DEVS C11 right now.

    Yup, they do this literally EVERY time they're attacked. We've submitted proof of them DDoSing - including videos of moments we made a strong foothold on their base only to have the servers crash, we log back in and they've got the upperhand because they were able to login first. They're one of the worst for this. The devs won't do a single thing, hell, they're hacking themselves.
  4. From twitter " Hey folks, looking into reports regarding the destroyed ships right now. We'll be conducting a short rollback on our PvE networks to just before the patch went live. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for scaring you! " ROLL BACK THE PVP TOO - PLEASE?!?! We're ALL MISSING OUR SHIPS AS WELL!
  5. Yup, same here - I really gave it my all and was incredibly patient with everything EVEN THE HACKERS until this fucking point. I'm so fucking done with this game. Such fucking bullshit, we lost an ENTIRE FLEET to ONE FUCKING ship that managed to get in like 50x FASTER THAN EVERYONE!
  6. We saw the patch coming while leading a counter attack on an enemy and pulled our whole fleet as far away from the enemy island as possible...We then try to patch and it jumps from 10 minutes to 3 hours, to 10 hours, to 20 hours, to 10 minutes and back.. not to mention UNPACKING OVER AND OVER AGAIN... YET... Somehow.. people got in nearly instantly... What the fuck?! (OH ya, I have 300 MB/s internet... Like that did anything) Seriously - At least hold the servers from going up until people download the fucking thing... So brutal.. One fucking enemy ship sunk all of our ships - ALL OF THEM - While not a single one of us could get back in. Super dope ATLAS dev team, super dope.