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  1. I play Atlas on a Private Server called "Supreme Gaming" not as much lately since the new Val map came out (ARK) but their map was Hybrid (pve + pve). The incentive for the pvp zones was high rates there. So you'd get more xp, loot, etc. I LOVED it. Like if you just wanted to chill and build your base rp style do it on pve land. You bored and wanna waste some resources and or take a chance to get rich, head out to some of the pvp zones and raid some bases or ships there. The best both world honestly. I just wish someone would do that with ARK , like all the map clusters and 1 map thatch pvp. I'd totally join that. But yes, if grapeshot adopted this idea , I'd switch back to official.
  2. DITTO THAT, Have you seen the amount of players on Atlas compared to ARK, the game is dying and I love it so much (<3 the game not that its dying) . If they don't do something soon they are gonna lose even their most dedicated players/fans. I mean unless they wanna push everyone to another pirate game that wont be named. hehe Single player mode cool, u made like 100 people happy, now how bout the other 88% of your community?
  3. I've been playing a little over a month now and its my main atlas server now. The thing that got my attention was how it's hybrid with pve and pvp zones. Jester is very active, I see him on discord almost every day (and no I'm not really friends with anyone on there for the most part I just stay to my self .) Fast updates, not over saturated with mods like some servers, the x5 rates well that's a personal preference I'd say and it's perfect for me. Overall I'd give it a 9/10 , not because of the server it self, more of the game as a hole because even official isn't super populated (not even close to arks population) so in pvp zones i catch my self spending a little extra time looking for trouble. Like i said over 1 month playing at least , and no wipe yet or any talk of a wipe that I've herd of.
  4. Can i join u guys? haha I got raided and lost both my ships, dont feel like starting over again solo.
  5. Social Media first then DIsocord then Forums Just how it is. Owells.. Everyone is on the social media kick I just finished a big 3.1 gb upate but no servers are up on my game yet for Offical
  6. That's what I did and then a Big 3.2 Gb update started.
  7. ok so if I'm very bad at pvp (lag way too much) and just wanna focus on PVE and this will be my first character on ATLAS besides a few hours on PTR. Other than that I just purchased ARK like last month so I'm a "Bob" to all of this haha. Anyways what would any of you guys suggest I'd do? ALSO I"D LOVE TO FIND SOME PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH. I"VE BEEN SOLO FOR SOLO LONG
  8. I had fps stuttery issues on Low Memory mode to which is it piratically unplayable. Now since the patch I can actually log into the game and get like 15-30 fps. So that's progress in my book.
  9. I can actually run the game now, progress in my book..
  10. So when's the fresh start on the on the public servers start? I just purchased and dont wanna spend too much time with a wipe coming.
  11. I truly hope it's playable for me now.. I just figured if I could run Ark I could run this.. Does anyone else play this game with my specs? nvidia gforce 650m , Intel Rcore i 73630qm cpu at 2.40 GHz , 7.95 gb ram, 1366 x768
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