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  1. I really do appreciate the fact that this development team actually works, but this game has still been filled with development disappointments non stop. Nearly all your community owns and played ark. We keep telling you we don't want another ARK, which you guys seem to keep ignoring us on. And now you've started the "Can you guess what this new Tamable is?" ARK crap. We're all playing ATLAS because we want a pirate MMORPG. Listen to your damn community. And don't go "steampunk", that ship has sailed and it's a much smaller market. I have yet to write a review for this game, because I'm seriously trying to give you guys a chance to redeem yourselves from your initial BLUNDERS, but you guys at Grapeshot can't seem to help yourselves. If you want to overcome your "don't buy this crap" rating on Steam, start making the game WE want, not the one you want. Listen to your community. We keep saying PIRATES, SHIPS, PIRATE STUFF, SHIP STUFF... and you guys roll out something new to tame to build bases and carry other tames on? Hello platform saddles, where have we seen you before? You're actually owning your Steam rating more than most games deserve. A negative Steam rating means you're doing it wrong, so start listening. We won't follow you when you create a new company name. We know who you are.
  2. Hey Grapshot, In case it may have escaped your memory, you never got around to adding the ability to plant fruit from fruit seeds, which you have never added to the game either. Strawberries, Limes, Grapes, etc. All these should produce seeds and we should have the ability to grow them in crop plots. Thanks!
  3. To Grapeshot. Your community has created servers which actually mix PVP servers and PVE servers on 1 map. PVE usually existing around equatorial and tropical zones, while desert, temperate and tundra are PVP. This allows all players of all play styles to play together with very little issue. Each zone server is set up independently, incorporating PVE or PVP settings, and I think they have a superior idea. It opens more of the map to claimable space as well, removing any need for lawless zones, which take up a ridiculous amount of official servers. Having the PVE zone around the middle zones allows easy movement to PVP areas where certain resources are needed, without having to extend themselves too far into hostile territory, plus not many PVP players are just kos, so the danger risk of quick resource trips is actually pretty low. It also gives PVP players the ability to help subsidize the PVE economy, by bringing in those less common resources to PVE players, without the ability to attack. There's also the potential for hiring ships and captains for escort protection to power stone and Fountain of Youth locations. Whole new dynamics and ways to play, all while extinguishing the lawless zones made unnecessary by neutral, everyone can build, claims. I understand these would constitute big changes, requiring some map changing as well as reassigning each server to PVP or PVE settings, but overall I think it would be a good move in the long run. 4 Public Official servers, all open to everyone, as well as each new server cluster you add to the list as the game's player base continues to grow.
  4. this is bullshit 3 day timers on flags already and now logged out bodies will no longer contest claims , how are we meant to have holidays ? do they really think players take their pcs on holiday with them to log in logged out player by all means contest the flags but yes after 3 weeks they are gone , we need to have a certain amount of protection for going awauy on holiday are these devs for real do they have any idea about real life activities ??????? please dont bother replying with 3 day is long enough protection , if u cant take pc to log in every 3 days when on holiday u deserve to lose your claim , dont reply if u r are no life 24/7 hermit gamer either who hasnt seen sun in years What about holiday weekends including extended offline protection in addition to increased rates? Wouldn't be hard to do. You're very quick to cry.
  5. I would like the ability to control sails separately or together. I don't always want all my sails open full or closed. I'd like to raise my speed sails and just guide my ship around with my handling sail at times.
  6. Don't worry. Just like ARK, this game will have a solo play ability. It's not grapeshot's fault you have trouble making friends or that you're anti social. This is a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER GAME. That means something, which you obviously haven't figured out yet. Solo players will ALWAYS be at an extreme disadvantage to groups. Grapeshot shouldn't cater to solo players in any way. Not 1. Make a friend dude. It's not that hard, unless you go around crying all the time. Nobody likes a whiner.
  7. Yes... ziplines are being disrupted by ships. The larger the ship, the bigger the radius of disruption. From what I've seen, about 3 ship lengths away or more will clear the blockage.
  8. Bump. Having same issue. Was so excited having ziplines from base to shipyard, and now can't use the one from the shipyard back to my base b/c of ship. Down to it, zipline works fine since you're not starting the ride near the ship.
  9. There is an issue with seeds. It's affecting a lot of players farming within Neutral claims, so I'm not sure if there's a connection to your issue. I myself have completely stopped harvesting any seeds whatsoever, having harvested 30 plots at least 20 times each, and not a single seed from any different crop. For me this is a MAJOR issue, as seeds are a big source of my trade income, so I'm stuck only selling animals and a few other resources. Would be nice to have seeds back. Hope it's just connected to the recent claim changes from v.10, and will be fixed soon. If you haven't opened a ticket, I would suggest you do so. The more people bring this issue to the developers' attention, the faster they'll look into possible causes.
  10. Did you check the crew's inventory? They take stuff like that and maybe equipped the whole jar
  11. I'm honestly prepared for being banned from the forums for this post. I'm almost positive encouraging an exodus from official servers was a recent management meeting topic, as a resolution for server overpopulation/stress, rather than opening more servers to fit our needs.
  12. Consider a few things. 1. Dev kit for unofficial server mod creation releases the same week they implement a broken resource system. Which isn't a bug. They said earlier they were doing this. 2. There's only 2 servers regionally. 1 PVP and 1 PVE. No intention of adding more any time soon. 3. Current maps are completely consumed with claims, making it impossible (in my experience) to make a claim outside of a lawless system. All challenges have failed, and there's no room to squeeze a new claim in anywhere. This means, server is full. It doesn't matter how many people they think they can squeeze into a server if they don't give us enough land. 4. Island are terrible. Most islands aren't really islands. They're just pillars of rocks, with only 5-10% of the surface area capable of being inhabited or holding resources. 5. They break the resource spawn radius around foundations with no word or intention of reducing it. SO from all this I can only presume 1 thing. Grapeshot wants to force it's players onto unofficial servers, in order to avoid having to expand their server needs or redesign islands to be more habitable to more players. Deceptively griefing their own customers with unsustainably low resource respawns to force them to play somewhere else. And a lot of people talk about it like it's a move to just force people off lawless islands... but where are they going to go? I mean really? Is there really room out there for thousands of more players to sail and set up on islands already completely consumed with claims? No. Get that stupid thought out of your minds. It's not even remotely realistic. They already need more server. They're not going to give us more servers. So they're trying to frustrate people just enough to go unofficial.
  13. I'm not sure if it was intended that way, but if you think about the material costs and returns of demolishing ships, you'd be stuck at the bottom of the ocean with an inventory full of wood and metal. I've demolished ships, but I have a resource box on my ship for the crew. The resources I got from the ship went in there, not my inventory. Trust me, you don't want to dive down and demolish 1-2 piece of a ship at a time. You could farm resources faster than that with tools. Build a resource box.
  14. We have 2 servers per region. 1 PVE and 1 PVP. I think maybe they're doing what ARK did, which was to slowly grief official server players to manage and decrease the official server populations, which of course they have to fund. Coincidentally, they're releasing the Dev kit for unofficial server mods the same week they break official server respawns. And no, this isn't about forcing people off lawless islands, b/c this is happening everywhere. I don't think they want to fork out the money needed for more official servers right now, which are already needed imo, so they're trying to guide the community to unofficial servers. All the land is taken up outside of lawless regions, and they're not doing anything about that either, so the servers can't actually grow anymore. Grapeshot not fixing/limiting claims, mixed with giving us extremely poorly designed islands which are mostly just giant rocks sticking out of the ground and unusable, is why people are forced to stay on lawless islands. They can't be trying to force us off lawless, knowing there's no where to go off lawless, and not open new servers or redesign most of the shitty islands they gave us. I go back to my original comment, and that is Grapeshot management is garbage. This game is turning out to be a prime example of what happens when complete idiots are in charge of skilled and capable employees, and when those employees are forced to implement their idiot management's ideas.
  15. I have single handedly identified the problem with this game's development. Management. The REAL talent and minds in this game are being griefed by idiots with the largest salaries. Construction has pretty much halted across Atlas. Nutrition is now impossible with the complete absense of vitamin A plants. Death imminent. I got both Atlas and Fallout 76 over the holidays, and I'm said to say Fallout76, a game within a nuclear wasteland, now has more vegetation. This is just beyond pathetic on grapeshot's part. I'm sure the coders and designers are more than willing and able to jump on this issue and resolve it quickly, but management is forcing their attention on other things. Probably designing a real currency item shop... or if they're doing things the same way as ARK... an EXPANSION! Come join our new map with no trees for just $29.99!! Here's a graph of recent ratings to make you think we're getting vote botted. Trust us. Patch at 8pm tonight too... we promise!
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