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    Offline players phasing off boat?

    Has happened to me before, just last night it happened to an ally, and last week I logged off in my base on land and when I logged back in I was dead in the ocean halfway between my neighbouring island...super random, had on Mah fancy furs....
  2. Fae Killgrave

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    There are moments when I miss the good old days of a level 2 wolf slaughtering my LVL 50 character in two bites, or that same LVL 2 wolf taking well over 6 shots to kill...all six guns loaded and equipped were not enough....however some islands have all the baddies you ever imagined in one spot, and others are quite calm in comparison neutral setting ftw and as mad eye moody would say...constant vigilance GL and may the odds be ever in you favour lol
  3. Fae Killgrave

    Foy lag?

    Lol happy wife happy life he felt so bad when he got the fountain even when we go to a Freeport I'm all twitchy and stuff, it's super frustrating. I'm gonna try to figure out how to kill any background programs next, see if that helps
  4. Fae Killgrave

    Foy lag?

    Thanks Bryan I will try that bullet force I'm sure it didn't help, but my husband and others were flying past me, he said it looked like I was walking...lol
  5. Fae Killgrave

    Foy lag?

    I need some suggestions from some tech savvy peeps on how I can improve my lag situation....I ran at full speed last night, naked from my ship towards the cave, I never even made it into the cave, for the entire time the fountain was at d12. I watched people pass me, my husband would die I could hear him respawn while I was on shore and then he would lap me....needless to say he got the fountain I did not. I tried to log in on his computer through steam, and couldn't access my character, I even had him try on my computer and he could only do it three times it was so laggy, he didn't make it to the cave for me either.... We deleted a bunch of stuff to try to make room on my memory, we cleared cache and cookies, we compressed files... I am at a total loss here... My laptop is a high quality gaming laptop with hardly anything on it, if my system can't handle it, then there are tons more that won't be able to do it... Not only this problem but looking forwards, if I am this laggy for a Foy deathrun, how will I ever be able to participate in any endgame shenanigans on the ruins? Please help I am at a loss super duper discouraging... I read a post awhile back from a husband and wife couple who experienced the same issue, so she stopped playing after raising an army of pigs...totally discouraged she quit....don't make me raise an army of pigs
  6. Fae Killgrave

    Ladder issues

    Ladder is glitchy in k13 only region I have encountered so far that consistently has this problem