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  1. Fae Killgrave

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    I don't feel like you guys have given this a fair shot, we claimed a mid sized island for our group of about 12, people can build here, if we don't like it we can talk to the builder and or simply remove it, the tax is added by the game and no longer by the player, so you don't lose resources to the taxation.... You can build little bases on every island if you want....I think this system is winning, now if only I could log in to enjoy the game
  2. Fae Killgrave

    PvE Eu having issues?

    Just throw down a comment if you are experiencing similar issues, hopefully that gets it noticed
  3. Fae Killgrave

    PvE Eu having issues?

    Sorry for the many posts, but it has been several hours of the same problem, and no news or info, I am getting a lost/timedout pending connection to host message repeatedly, but only when connecting to the only PvE official server that exists... I can connect to PvP no problem....it's not my internet as hubby is playing next to me...I have restarted and updated steam?? Not sure what else to do but give up....
  4. Fae Killgrave

    PvE Eu having issues?

    I'm gonna post here and in bug reports too, timing out while connecting to PvE Eu server, but can log into PvP server, no alternate PvE servers to play,and my husband is sitting next to me playing on the same internet connection, but I lost connection to host over two hours now....what is going on? Super frustrating
  5. Fae Killgrave

    PvE Eu having issues?

    I am unable to login, I am getting a timed out, cannot connect to server message...fellow company members have been having similar issues all day. Anybody else having weird connecting issues today?
  6. Fae Killgrave

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Did you have another update after the install? Cause we did, another 8 GB
  7. Fae Killgrave

    No proper info on this site

    Thank you Chris
  8. Fae Killgrave

    No proper info on this site

    Yeah thats likely, I am not too tech savvy, but in total I have had three updates for this game since 9 am MTN time...and the current one I'm downloading is still two hours wait..... My biggest issue is the lack of using this site as a communication tool with the player base.
  9. Fae Killgrave

    No proper info on this site

    Getting very frustrated with the fact that the playatlas website doesn't provide news to the players who don't use Twitter or discord...this should be your first contact with players not the afterthought, this site should be updated before steam with relevant information pertaining to patches and updates. I left the public test realm when I saw the update available, started an hour long download to find out half way through that I should not have left the beta, waited for the download to finish, re added to the public test realm and am now waiting two and a half hours on another update....I am going to be late for the launch, and I could have had it downloaded and been ready had this info been presented and available through proper channels. This should be you first resource to reach your player base. And I have to get news from my fellow company members after they hear it on Twitter or discord, when I am actively haunting this page...
  10. Fae Killgrave

    Missing AtlasPTR.bat in my directory

    Me too!! At least I'm not alone in my quest for PvE ptr
  11. Fae Killgrave

    Won't register the download

    Can't download the PTR since the PvE update, I was able to play the PvP PTR download, but I have downloaded it about four times this morning, and every time it says I'm missing a piece and negates the entire download, I am pissed. My team is out there busting their butts and I'm downloading for the 28th time at a minimum half hour download.... Stupid... And nobody else is having this problem? Can't find anything about it anywhere... Just me?
  12. Fae Killgrave

    Feedback for playatlas.com

    Would be nice to have a manual company search option, also possibly better filters and an option to merge companies through this website also feedback cause it's ea and I think that's what we are supposed to do thx guys also at the end of this post my only option says submit bug report, however this is a suggestion not a bug
  13. Fae Killgrave

    Structure placment / connecting bugs

    I have an entire front end of a galleon, full of holes because I can't place ceiling tiles due to the foundation issue... If you want to freebuild with the open decks foundation support required, but nothing works, not pillars, not foundations, not pressing q....please fix thx guys
  14. Fae Killgrave

    Galleon building issues

    I too would like to know how to resolve this. It's our first open build galleon with the open wood planks, but it's like the pieces don't know I'm on the boat, I tried using walls as support, and even wood pillars, which don't work as foundation support on a boat apparently... Can someone please look into this? My Gally is half built with no viable solutions for completion
  15. If you have them follow instead of porting and go up your boat from a side ladder vs the back ladder, they will magic themselves into the boat safely. Haven't lost a tame this way yet, but the porting needs to work properly if it's gonna be an option