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  1. FlayAllster

    Loss ship at a free port?

    Hello. Having created a brigantine yesterday, I went to a free port i3. Having stayed there for about an hour, I start go back. But my ship just sank with the sound of an explosion in zone i3. Instantly, the ship’s entire health became 0. How? Why? The ship has been completely renovated. The weight was small. The team did not gain and half of the available.
  2. FlayAllster

    pve [EU-PVE]D5 Mini-Shop

    little updated (up)^^
  3. FlayAllster

    pve [EU-PVE]D5 Mini-Shop

    ok, just write me in discord chanel tommorow
  4. FlayAllster

    pve [EU-PVE]D5 Mini-Shop

    all dino not neutered. you can breeding it
  5. FlayAllster

    pve [EU-PVE]D5 Mini-Shop

    little updated (up)^^
  6. FlayAllster

    How work island management?

    Interested in 2 views on the ownership of the island - from the owner and tenant. We captured the island, but the buildings remained on the island: Old owner buildings of the island. Other players buildings who are actively playing. Pillars, foundations, traps and other debris. Can the owner of the Island affect the construction of his island? And does the owner have at least some tools other than the ability to collect a dachshund and write island messages? And reverse view from the side of the Tenant: Are there any risks when settling on a foreign island?
  7. I think many players, or all. agree with me: It is impossible to steer the ship and turn sails at the same time. Therefore, I propose to transfer control of the sails from Shift+A/D to Q/E. This will allow to control the wheel and the sails independently, and not choose what you need. Or add the ability to assign the buttons responsible for the rotation of the sails.
  8. FlayAllster

    Gold mines and Gold Bar

    Little idea. (My English is bad, I'm sorry). I want to offer this concept: New item - gold bar. New item - gold ore. A new opportunity to melt gold coins or ore into gold bars. A new opportunity to mint out gold bars - coins. Add gold ore to a difficult place, for example a small amount to a cave with a rejuvenating fountain. In the lower part of it where all the aggressive living creatures gather. This will encourage players to kill animals in a cave.
  9. FlayAllster

    The mega update is good but not a game changer

    In order for people to play the game, at least normal conditions are necessary. First need to fix the optimization, and not like in the ARK a few years after the release. Poor optimization sometimes leads to rather dramatic plots in the game. This will give the opportunity to play the game for those who have weaker computers - and increasing number players, and also removes some of the negative situations from the game associated with lags. Well, secondly fix bugs. My friend gave up playing because his galleon was attacked by CoD, he swam up to the shore ... but CoD just swam onto the island .. yes they swam across the sand, stones and trees as if they weren’t there and shot. I think these two corrections will attract the players themselves without the need for any advertising or action And if change something from the balance, I would suggest strengthening the player, and reworking this disgusting melee combat system. The player is now just a "little weak nothing", so it was in the ARK. The player can not compete with not animals, not enemies in itself. With good things, the player becomes stronger, but still he is nothing against medium-strong enemies. And the new content is good! need more content! Metal base! Steamers like a merchant! More types of ships! .... Sorry brought me
  10. FlayAllster

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    If you do not see the problem, it does not mean that it does not exist different views. Just for info: 1) Crab ~ 40lvl has an average weight of ~ 1.5k. 2) Crab can not bredable. 3) Weight limit is in % ratio. It would be possible other way "nerf" crab, but not in this way. p.s. ballanced
  11. FlayAllster

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    and speed of movement at times higher.
  12. FlayAllster

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    Thanks captain obvious Metal gives the crab a weight of about 40%, for example. It also shows that with full levelup weight, the crab carries less weight than a bear, and it’s impossible to get an elephant weight at all. add. Compare the reality and the game, do not you think it's funny?) What does this game is not even trying to be realistic. The fact is that any animal is now better than a crab in terms of cargo transfer. Of course, the crab has its own niches for work, such as mining chests on the mountain, followed by a fall from the mountain. But in all other directions the crab is dead. Couldn't the crab be differently nerfed?
  13. FlayAllster

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    more 40% of max weight - cant jump. not 70% here i use 29 points up weight. and now this crab cant jump with 2k weight lol...
  14. FlayAllster

    How taming Razor without trap solo?

    thx, i have bear 1700 hp. But if not use dino any way?
  15. any way how can be tamed razor without traps and solo? or this impossible