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  1. Who have problem with fonts after update? -culture=ru. after update i see this any idia how fix font?
  2. its just taming stats, its not work. me need executor base stats like Ark smart breeding
  3. Hello. We got a lot of animals from another clan, they have a good level from birth. But they were pumped. Are there programs (like "Ark Smart Breeding") or ways to determine what parameters were originally in animals? for breeding.
  4. you can see what im on screen in zone where sunk ships, i swim in zone, i run near, im live in this zone(first screen).
  5. First post 18 now 26. Let see: This briga what i destoy in start topic (this ship sunk after patch), and icon still here. next: to new ship for test sunk on freeport, to icon here. 3 ship what sunk more 1-2mouth still here.. and main: hell zone F8, million rift... our company lost 4 ship here, 2 on rief and 2 in ocean(~1mouth ago).. what funny we dont swim this sector after lost ship, and 2 ship removed from map. p.s. google translation sry
  6. A good idea. But there is one bug: If the ship has buildings similar to the "diving attachment" And if you demolish the trim first - then demolish "diving attachment" is impossible.
  7. Up, wts razor eggs. (dont sell more dinos if you want buy dino you can buy it here: https://discord.gg/tTUQbP2)
  8. don't remove from map, im in zone many times. 1 ship ~2 month , other 2 ship ~1 month
  9. How long does the disappearance of the sinked ship? The ship is scuttled in the shipyard, and it does not allow to build new ships. All elements on sinked ship demolished.
  10. Hello. Having created a brigantine yesterday, I went to a free port i3. Having stayed there for about an hour, I start go back. But my ship just sank with the sound of an explosion in zone i3. Instantly, the ship’s entire health became 0. How? Why? The ship has been completely renovated. The weight was small. The team did not gain and half of the available.
  11. ok, just write me in discord chanel tommorow
  12. all dino not neutered. you can breeding it
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