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  1. the patch was meant to drop at 7pm pst......as im uk that works out at 3am gmt time......so where is it? i dont see amything....no warning in game...no update on steam ect? anyone know?
  2. were all getting that 255 ping in h4 too....and me and my small 3 man tribe started well......got our farhouses/warehouse/market going...then bam...midway through day the server took a huge dump on everyone...freeport above was fine...but our tile is currently a stop start sailing slog at mo......dolphins flying through the air next to ships as they sail ect...pigs rubberbanding on beaches.....we are all in the uk and used to play eu pve .. they shouldnt have made it into one..as much as we would all like to play with the rest of the world...the game clearly cant handle it. when i first got on at 4am this morning we had 150 players in the freeport...it was all fine....h4 was fine....then all this weirdness. sad case of affairs...we want to enoy a proper pirate co op fantasy game....we keep coming back after every wipe like lambs to the slaughter... if they dont fix this soon..this will be our very last spin of the dice
  3. cmon then where is the servers?.....i downloaded a poxy 500 mb update......keep trying to play.......rejoin atlas or start new......new shows no servers up.... to think i went to bed at 11ish and woke up at 3am for this shite(uk time)......and still no game.....pfft cmon mateys
  4. i know taker.....it is wrong.....i suppose it going to the cost of the poor souls who actually construct the ships skeleton frame for building....its the only thing i can think of lol. bloody well paid job they have eh? ha ha oh shatlas....
  5. bladuka i dont disagree...if i was in charge id remove that gold stipulation......but ive been playing from the start when we all were rubber banding just trying to get off the freeports lol.......it dont take long to get 5k together for a schooner.....yeah a gally is a pain.......we have gold falling out of every orifice in current build.....we go gold farming for fun. tame a few bears...do some maps together...diving on route for shipwrescks ect....kiting sotds its not really bothered me too much on paper....we shall see how it goes.
  6. been a while since i posted here......for some crazy reason me and my little crew wanna play again....it wont take us long to muster up gold for a schooner or even the brig...do that within a few days diving and sotd killing with armored sloop builds. bit shitty that they now want gold for the ships aswell as mats.... but whats annoying is...these new guys at the helm cant even give a time!...cmon ffs its almost 6pm here in uk... knowing this game they will drop it before the eu timezones are just going to bed.. its that usual game of.."race to ones fave island" just to get a spot to build.....(we go lawless always since they removed the og claiming of land where multiple tribes could grab portions of an island via flag camping) every wipe we come back glutton for punishment lol....i just hope all this new trade stuff ect works in pve?..because thats where we play.....pvp is awfull....wake up to find ones work and time has been sunk...pfft....(if we had offline protection wed be all in)
  7. @noobiedooz thankyou matey....well be in touch soonish then...nice one!
  8. me and my mates are looking to do the kraken and ghost galleon too mateys... uk crew on time zone side of things... about 6 of us regular...we all have our own war galleons and brigs ect.....all powerstones done. if anyone is doing it this saturday we would be interested if time is right... kind regards The Goonies crew
  9. im always in h9 doin a bit of treasure.....me and my crew are based in j8 lawless. ill have to stop by for a cuppa and a slice of parrot cake.
  10. x2 at the mo im taming bears with 4-6 bolas... honey is your friend.... you are feeding it i take it mate?
  11. kid? mate im fucking 40 years old with a nagging wife and kids.... i offer advice and you snark ?... if i was a kid id be playing on some sheeple console and not my rig.
  12. before this xbox patch i mean,im a pc guy,played since the start. and the galleons were built at weekends when we had multipliers...like most others with any sense did.
  13. ive built a good few galleons single handed since launch....i know where to get the easy materials without the usuall grind... x1 is bloody painfull imo.... x2 should be the base at least.
  14. highest level in freeports is 8... go to a lawless and build a bow and a ton of arrows.....pick off elephants from shore whilst swimming backwards out to sea as you fire... rince and repeat... just one basic way at start of game. do it for couple of hours and your be level 25 plus....its what i did. used to be alpha hunting,but i aint seen one lately
  15. ive had my moneys worth for sure......now its your turn...i get that. i do hope you actually play the game instead of replying to every post like a company guerilla just to keep this forum alive it looks real sad from a neutral perspective. enjoy it whilst it lasts....and good luck out there with the pc crowd...pve or pvp...if someone wants to destroy your shit they will. open source goodness and all that black hattery jazz.
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