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  1. Hi, When I started the game, I started my own company to solo on. I accidentally left my own company and now have lost all my stuff. Really? Without no warnings, no notifications? Any way to remedy this?
  2. Gem

    Taming a bear

    I am new and I really appreciate all your help and advice.
  3. Gem

    Taming a bear

    It is on android, thanks I found it!
  4. Gem

    Taming a bear

    So in that case how many Bolas would you need for a bear, roughly?
  5. Gem

    Taming a bear

    No it wasn't and I'm right in thinking that I would need to bola every 90 seconds?
  6. OK, so I'm struggling to get any hold, like any at all. I can't beat the army of the damned, so I read a bear would be the best way? I then decided to try and tame a bear. I built a taming pen, managed to get a bear in, boaled it and then every time I had to rebola it, it went straight back to 0% tamed. Basically, help me please, any advice on taming or getting gold would be greatly appreciated.
  7. How often does your shop decay, I understand about freeports and lawless territories but my ship loses health constantly. Is this normal? Thanks guys
  8. Gem

    Shop sunk

    OK, so I'm probably being thick. My ship was sunk by ghost ships, now I'm stuck on a lawless island. How can I get a new ship. Ship not shop!
  9. Gem


    Does anyone know if there is any way to look left and right, up and down on the map, so far I can only zoom in and out. Xbox one
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