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  1. venomvv

    Lost ship

    There was such a situation ... I set sail on my own galleon, and at the base I still had a brig, a schooner and a sloop. I have not been for a long time, but not more than 9 days. About 5 days later I returned to the base through the bed, ran along it and near my ships to reset the counter, but after 24 hours of real time in the logs I saw that the beds on the ships (sloop and schooner) were removed. That is, the ships themselves were removed. The question arises ... On ships that are simply anchored and you do not use them, the timer of "abandoned ships" acts? And if so what needs to be done so that they do not disappear? Remove from the anchor and set again? P.S. There were no traces of a shipwreck at the site of the missing ships.
  2. press K -> zoom out -> view under water -> safe anchored -> profit P.S. always look at the map. there is a well marked stranded. a dark blue is a safe zone, and closer to the ground a light blue is a stranded (dangerous zone).
  3. venomvv

    May mega update, when??

    in june... maybe in jule.... maybe in december... ©
  4. venomvv

    Buggy Treasure Map

    frequent problem. treasures in textures ... you need to deploy a mining company to get there
  5. venomvv

    Unable to query server info for invite!

    I have the same problem. it happens this ... you play, but after a while a disconnect happens and when you try to enter this message appears, and only after a minute - two it turns out to go, and when you get into the game it turns out that the connection with the server broke off long before the connection. that is, there was a slight rollback. and this happens quite often. Before the wipe, there was no such problem. I had no problems with the Internet, the connection is stable, the ping is the smallest. and one more frequent problem is when after a critical error and departure from the game you reload it and try to join the atlas, a black screen and "perpetual download" appear, only alt + f4 helps and then the action is repeated. again, there was no such problem before the wipe, and immediately after a critical error or disconnect, you could immediately go into the game without waiting for the boot screen. fix this developers.
  6. venomvv

    Recent change broke ship building...

    I do not understand ... in what sense is fully anchored? if you have anchored to the bottom, then there can be several options ... only one and this is an anchor. fully, not fully ... nonsense
  7. venomvv

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    just break the deck and build again. it helped me.
  8. venomvv

    Razortooth taming

    Hm... Maybe... Thanks friend))
  9. venomvv

    Razortooth taming

    Why doesn't the bolas work on the razortooth? writes something like "too big to grab"?
  10. venomvv

    Bugs, bugs, BUGS!!!

    and so very often!
  11. venomvv

    Bugs, bugs, BUGS!!!

    Hello to all! Tell me how to get rid of the bug when the textures are barely loaded while you fall under the ground into the water, all beds disappear, the ships have no strips and you cannot walk on them when you sit on a bear, for example, it takes a very long time and also to descend ... sometimes when you tear down with a bear, you can not control the character except to walk left and right ... in general, got all these bugs! this is not the first time for me, and not only for me, other players also complain about it! and the developers do not fix anything! I constantly can not enter the game, constantly crashes with an error, although before this was not! or there is no connection (network error)! Atlas is dying ??? Developers what are you doing there ??? ??? Donuts are eating? Who will fix the game ???? !!!? My ass is burned with indignation!
  12. venomvv

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    make at least two gunport behind as on this model! you make solo players unable to resist SoTD! if you also think that like under my comment, developers may see ...
  13. venomvv


    Why can't I see a tattoo on a black character?
  14. venomvv

    Treasure map Bugs!

    Dear developers! When you fix the appearance of mobs from the treasure cards and the very finding of these treasures ??? You swim for several servers, spend time on it, but in the end the treasure is somewhere in the textures or half of the mobs get stuck in the textures and you can’t get to them! Yesterday I tried to get these mobs in the same place three or four times, but without success! Then 4, then 2 remain in the textures and can not get them! Jamb of the last century, should be ashamed of this ... Pukan Bombit is unreal! Who in the subject will understand