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  1. The model for the handling sail is rotated 180 degrees -- it's backwards. Just look at the crows nest compared to every other sails. Someone forgot to reset the transform on the model pivot. This should be an EASY fix.
  2. An Update on this -- With the Mega Update, this issue appears to be minimized... I'm still getting the "RESOURCES WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU" on certain items while the ship is in the cradle: - Angled Doors - Angled Door frames - and Catwalks. There may be more, but I haven't tested all building blocks yet. I have screenshots, but I seem to have reached my limit on uploads... It appears t here is a global upload size maximum that doesn't continue to accrue over time.
  3. I double checked, and yes the anchor is/was green -- While this is true, The best way to build infrastructure is to do it before the planks are on... There are certain cabin styles that can't be built once planks are in place, because they cause obstructions. Yes, this is a temporary work around (although I was not getting materials back even after the boat was launched and at anchor) -- I woonder if it's because I didn't have a resource box on board yet?? -- it should really get fixed.
  4. Thanks for the reply @Jatheish -- Yes, that was the issue, but that brings up another issue. There is no instruction or feedback in-game related to unlocking your shop; and "unlocking" a shop full of valuables is counter to every other interface in the game -- (this is faulty UX design). Unlocking ANYTHING in the game currently means "This stuff is public property". Perhaps simply changing the text from "Unlock" to "Open Shop" would fix this disconnect?? I learned the answer from Discord after I posted this, but initially I assumed people were trolling and wanted me to "unlock" a shop so people could loot it. I had one of my mates leave the company and we tested it before I believed it was true.
  5. @JakeM -- I'll check for the green icon next time I'm on, but could you please clarify what "fully anchored" means? This is a strange concept -- Why would a green anchor mean you are not fully anchored (green usually means good)... and why is that even a thing?
  6. An update... I launched the ship, and It appears we are not getting back resources even at anchor.
  7. So far we have not been able to get a shop to function, or to access any shop at any other island we have visited. There are no warnings or indicators of what might be missing... The lack of info in itself is a bug I am assuming (given the number of shops I've visited) that they're not working as intended. If you wish to take a look at our shop you can find it here (cheat TP A8 -77778 281148 113) This is on the EU PvE server...
  8. Recent change in V.104.2, broke ship building -- "When demolishing a non-ship/core type structures on a non-fully-anchored boat, resources will not be returned to you." -- Unfortunately your ship is not officially at anchor when it is in the ship cradle, so this is in effect while building ships. any time a mistake is made, or you need to move something that is past the pick-up timer, you eat the cost of materials. Also -- I don't understand why this change was made?? We survived an attack from a SoD because we were able to demolish some of our ship to reclaim materials when our resource box ran dry, and we had a plank missing -- it was just enough to replace a ship's plank and escape death. That was actually one of the most satisfying moment I had in the game.
  9. I don't fully understand how the store works in it's current form... If you place items in the shop, and it decays after 48 hours, do you loose all those items?
  10. In the current form the player shop would work fine for PVE, -- IF they would remove the 48 hour decay when you place it somewhere other than a Freeport. There is no need for decay if it's in your own colony. There are plenty of resources worth selling. I know many players that are gold rich that would buy resources rather than gather them. Some good examples of goods: Wood, Fiber, Thatch <-- for blueprint builds. Mythos Cooked specialty food Treasure maps for your region Rare recipe/taming ingredients - Honey, Turnips, Beets Ready made Ship parts - for repair or building kits. Seeds Etc. A way to sell ships or animals would be great!!! In its current form it's WAY too expensive -- 60 gems and 70 gold for something that lasts 48 hours (with no foot traffic). There is no way to make a profit. In this form, what's the point??
  11. With the global update to weight they now weigh 0.7 pounds each -- a stack of 100 is 70 pounds.
  12. It's worth bumping this again -- the "Extreme Weather Events" don't make any sense, and are only there to kill the player at the most inopportune time. Short of magically having the right stuff in your inventory to deal with the threat, the player is guaranteed to just die randomly, and often at the worst time. (mid-tame, during a treasure fight, or mid-fight with SOD). My suggestion is to limit the range of extreme events, and give the player the ability to escape the event somehow: - Extreme heat -- should only occur in the desert... the hint says to get in the water (this currently doesn't work) -- Going inside (home buff) should be enough to escape the heat. There are no "cooling" items in the game yet. - Tropics -- Favor warmer temperatures (rare extreme heat) - Temperate -- Favors cooler temperatures (rare extreme cold) - Extreme cold -- should only occur in the Tundra/Arctic... any clothes (Leather or above) should slow the effect. -- Going inside with ONE fire should be enough to survive. Currently even with fires surrounding the player, it's impossible to survive the cold in the arctic (if you don't have furs). It might be worth asking the question (What does this add to the game) I'd wager most players would likely reply that extreme weather events should be a removed. Extreme weather is fine if you can plan for it. -- I'm heading for the arctic, I should make furs!!
  13. More to the point -- Basic resources should not be limited by island biome -- these are essential for early game development, and not viable as trade commodities, since they are needed to build up the basic infrastructure for trade. I can see less common and rare commodities having variable rates (to encourage trade), but not the common stuff.
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