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  1. I get this same issue myself but I don't get the message for it, the game just hangs and then crashes and the only way to get out is Ctrl, Alt, Del and then force close through task manager. Which then usually gives me the black screen a few times before I can get back in. I think the black screen happens when the server still thinks your in game and hasn't disconnected you and will happen over a few minutes until it finally kicks you out of your live session and you can log in again. I also didn't see this prior to the wipe but seems to happen at least twice in a session most days.
  2. Ye it does seem to affect any of the servers for anyone at any point in time. It could happen to me tomorrow when I log in and at a point where they are loosing players rather rapidly this should really be focused on. It's been fixed before on Ark. I've read that it happens to Private servers too but giving the server a restart seems to fix the issue, now I'm wondering if the official servers have a restart cycle they go through everyday. Every game I know like this does restart the servers regularly as issues always build up and restarting fixes most things.
  3. Hi All, Ok so this is still an issue even on official servers, my Crewmate has been unable to connect to either of the EU servers only, for over a week now. They just do not exist according to his game client, he can still see the NA servers however and connect with no issue, though that is no good as we are setup on EU PVE. We have been over everything from reinstalling the game and steam itself, changing IP via VPN and mobile tethering, waiting for patches to hopefully fix this like it has in the past for some. There isn't really anything else I can think to try at the client end. This same issue has as i have been told existed in Ark as well but not other Unreal 4 games that I have seen myself. If anyone else has any useful suggestions on fixes or is also suffering from this issue then please speak up.
  4. Based on EU PVE lawless Island and this is becoming a nightmare due to the change. You practically can not build anywhere on the water line of the island due to spammed foundations and pillars that have now overlapped previously placed foundation "claimed areas" making it impossible to expand or finish building existing projects. I have noticed that I can place foundations sometimes where I can not place a pillar, but I still hit the issue with foundations soon enough when expanding and as my main base expands out from the coast, I use a lot of pillars to support the entire structure. Just to add to this, the bug that was apparently hot fixed like so many others, where ceilings are still collapsing for no reason. Watch out as several can disappear in one go and take entire walls/ doorways and anything else attached with it. Whether this is associated I am unsure however it feeds into the initial issue as I can't replace these fallen pieces or add extra support, which does seem to help in some cases with the fallen ceilings.
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