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  1. Mr Putts

    Wipe reward?

    Sorry they already distributed the latter
  2. Mr Putts

    Wipe reward?

    A hat or some shit
  3. Mr Putts

    Patch V207.999 FeedBack

    Make a totally new fucking building man. Not the claim flag. Like i dunno a Tavern or a barracks. Kinda like the tax bank
  4. Mr Putts

    Request for new ships

    Lol the only way they would add more ships is if we all band together and request ships be tame-able. Then we will get 4 or 5 every patch. I have lost all hope in this company actually stepping out from Ark's shadow
  5. There should just be no claims at all Let people just build wherever, and give no indication to anyone when you plop a fob down (except maybe show the bed on your map if you actually come into a certain range of a non company bed)
  6. Mr Putts

    auto-decay filling crew log

    Sure it is laziness. But that doesn't fucking matter demo takes to long. So fuck it leave it seems to be the order if the day. You can make statements about the laziness of a video gamer or you can recognize that the system does not really lend itself to quick clean up.
  7. Mr Putts

    auto-decay filling crew log

    Because Demo can be tedious as there is no a build mode that makes demo a 1 key press you have to deal with that bullshit wheel for every piece.
  8. Please use real time stamps on Company logs. Your artificial calendar means nothing to anyone. Plus it is not even accurate to the age of characters as 32850 days are in 90 years. It would make a lot more sense to have actual real dates and maybe UTC times on events in the log.
  9. Mr Putts

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    My guess is any company with more than 6 players on at once that is also successful at getting their assets above fine blueprints.
  10. They take up too much tattoo real estate that it makes chest and Back Tats hard to appreciate.
  11. Mr Putts

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    You can build and sail some things just are not meant for solo play, and that's OK. Also you don't need to be in a "Mega" to do everything. 10 active players can do just fine with most of everything.
  12. Mr Putts

    speculations Mega Update 3

    My guess is more tames. Because adding more ships is obviously out of the question
  13. Mr Putts

    Fix your Maps

    The maps are bugged. The new Islands do not properly represent the actual island
  14. Mr Putts

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    Not the flag but a separate building like the tax bank
  15. It's a good thing when we demo our Masterwork canons we will get more than just generic materials. For Fucks sake. Just let us pick up instead of demolishing.