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  1. Yup, their system is dumb. A small dot when you're on an enemy ship and should be fine, regen is slow enough as it is people wont troll. I guess they could always medkits up, but should be able to make medkits non-effective for like 10 min after being on an enemy ship in PvE zones
  2. still cannot climb ladders in shallow waters
  3. I meant the enitre server, not just a specific shard. It’s quite a standard thing to do regardless in online games, no real sense in not providing players that information.
  4. It would be great to know how many players are on servers when we are choosing one. It would increase attrctiveness of unofficial servers.
  5. Please... please... i beg you.. make the ladders work 100% of the time... it's really annoying sometimes when you cant get on ship ladders
  6. And the poisoned foods will not be shown to people not in your company, so they might think they are good foods
  7. Add poison ingredients to the game so we can make poisonous food for unsuspecting raiders. Different poisons have diff effects: kill over time, sleep, paralyze
  8. We were doing maps at a powerstone island once and found an unlimited respawn of cobras in one of the buildings, we lured out maybe 100 of thwm and had an epic swivel cannon fight with them with our bear. turns out sometimes they play dead and then come all alive and box you in... rip bear
  9. Only thing broken about them is their hitbox. I think they are a delicious pain in the ass.
  10. Harder to manage a bunch of alliances over a single mega company +1 for this post
  11. Alpha tames really sound dumb, tames are already tanky af. if there was such a thing atlas would just become sea of tames tbh
  12. I had fun, but it's time to take a break, 450 hours in this game: I can understand the first few weeks of the game being impossible to play - but there are clearly some very, very large gaps in the balancing of the game. There is literally no way to properly defend your base/stuff, also company cap size is much too large. I will play the game again in a few months when they introduce ways to defend bases and ports. Even removing damage done to boats by oil jars/grenades/explosive barrels altogether would make the game state a lot better than it currently is. Right now players are burning themselves out because of the sheer amount of time they need to play to actively play the game and safeguard their things. I would also love seeing melee, trade, and some more PvE content. I'm sure it'll all happen in due time, but right now I am wasting countless hours on a game that becomes 100% unbalanced because of some changes that are likely not tested or thought through in the eyes of how players will use the content.
  13. Pvpers could even dwell inside the caves, great spot for clean grenade kills! pirate booty is the best booty
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