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  1. it happened to me also on one of the new ships.. I saw it bust and drop me into the ocean. glad I chose to try one of the cheap ones instead of my good ships.
  2. I get that but.. no rain or water that u can use in polar region is kind of hurtful. I already have to travel for all fiber, because none grows here. now seeds are worthless. and have to travel for berries to tame anything in polar region. guess all these bears and rabbits eat rock. because they live with nothing to eat and somehow survive.
  3. anyway to pipe water from ocean? I can't get any thing but irrigation out of storage system to work?? I am in polar.. it never rains here.. I need ideas on water for my crops.
  4. bs,,, I am a solo player had two lots... with barely anything left a 5man company took it in 10mins.. and told me they would bug it to do it.. stole my whole base and can't respawn there.. I have been there since day 1... and gave up all my land to new players as they came in.. and rising tides still stole everything I had.
  5. why are you allowing players to steal whole bases on pve.. they are taking claims in minutes now and even if you log in everyday. what is the point of building a base and advancing, that takes a week to get built, and all they have to do is toss down a claim flag near you and bam everything is gone.. this is driving people away very fast.. and its not worth playing, if you can't build a base of operations... without 10 people to watch your flags every 10minutes. I honestly love the game and know what state the game is in.. but I don't understand why you can just claim others hard work.. why not have timers like on ark.. hey this flag can be destroyed .. they haven't been on for 7 days.. I understand that.. but just letting them take our stuff in 10mins is crazy..
  6. they should of never made it to where you can claim someone elses land period in pve, this is just stupid.. I lost a base I have been working on since day one.. and I have been on everyday except one.. a couple hours and its gone..
  7. I was offline in my claim area.. it can still be done.. I only had three claim flags.. and rising tides a company of 5 came in and took it within one day.
  8. yeah its stupid, I haven't been offline over 1 day since launch. and rising tides took my land in less than one day.. why atlas would allow this on pve is beyond me.. they just let the looser pvp people come grief pve players and we can't fight back at all.. they do what they want.
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