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  1. True ive attempted making an airship mod myself but had difficulty applying the physics to new models
  2. Have you had the same issues uploading the mod to the workshop
  3. im aware and even before i found out i have worked out an arrangement with them tho it would have been great if this had happened a week ago
  4. You are right and have since tried working it out with them but they continue to steal land and we cant retaliate due to the bugs within the game so till they are gone this is the way itll be. dont have to like it but in the end they abused game bugs and glitches and atm we cant do anything back besides blocking resources. If you wanna blame anyone blame the devs for making a system where this is our only available counter to the bullshit
  5. actually the taxes went to maintaining a galleon we used to kill high level Ships of the damned terrorizing the region and none of the other companies wanted to risk fighting
  6. Too bad ships will still sink even if anchored unless u meant this as a suggestion for the current problem.
  7. All of the claim flag problems would be fixed if a company could allow tenants or people to build in a claim area that they designate buildable in. Allowing large companies to retain their land, gives land to people to build in, if done correctly protects valuable resources, even promotes appeasing your populace as having more citizens means more from taxes even if you have the lowest taxes in the region. Mind yall this is if the bug with the 3 day timer is ever fixed.
  8. Pretty much our company is 12 strong there is maybe 4 they are building all over the place destroying spawns ruining metal nodes once where there was enough for our village, now there isnt and why should we pay a tax on what was a resource resevoir of ours that the entire island used Even before we placed the buoys the resources got screwed we just annihilated it till they move and we can reclaim what never should have been theirs
  9. No it wont and thats part of the problem the claiming system is bugged and honestly not needed in PVE
  10. Besides we already had land put aside to give to others and they didnt claim just a flag or two they claimed half of our territory this was a major company forced out of another region with 2 schooners, a sloop and a brig.
  11. Nah the land they took was a resource area for the island so now the entire island is pissed at them because even before the buoys they blocked huge amounts of resources and a vast amount metal and those saying i should have been on for it, are you retarded? You realize people have other things to do right i was on 30 mins before they took it and we have a company of 11 sorry we wanted to build a town and preserve land resources.
  12. Because the other island in the region had already filled up and became so cluttered nothing was spawning in addition to having no metal. It was in agreement in this area no taxes would be set and the huge amount of iron that spawned in the claim would be protected and forest for ships. And yah its a bug and they need to fix it the chinese openly dupe and hack on their livestreams and grapeshit havent done diddly squat to stop it. Besides again its who did who wrong first they abused a claim land bug which then leads to us denying them resources neither one of us have control over what the other does sounds shitty doesnt it. At least in PVP id be able to blow them up
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