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  1. 1 way to find out if its you or your files backup the server files and start a fresh one. also load the new files out of the ServerEditor. and try again. same problem maby there is something weird. does it work then there was someting wrong with ur files..
  2. how many server you have? every server needs a own Folder for the savegames dont let more then 1 server save in the folder
  3. you wont see that many things in the redis CMD. gethostbyname and ghostname is normal. and can be ignored. are your ports forwarded correctly?
  4. did you validate the server files after the update? cant make anything out of this crash though.. seems like ur files are just fucked.
  5. there is a change that your save file is corrupted.. what you can do is backup the current files and try to boot a empty server. if it starts just fine ur savegames are corrupted. i updated to this update but have no problems. save dir is indeed correct.
  6. make sure you are admin. if you used enablecheats ***** then in your in-game global chat there should be a star before your name. if there is no star there is a good change that your admin powers are not activated. also you can use a TXT file to make yourself admin. so when you use that you will be automatic made admin when you log into the server.
  7. if you look in the game itself you see so muhc unofficial server. if you look here on the forum you should know that you can run your own dedicated server on your home hardware. you can download the server files true the STEAMCMD with app_id 1006030 or was it 106030 dont know google it but you can. dont forget to download the grideditor with it
  8. are your server set as homeserver? and try to put your external IP in the files not Internal
  9. no problem man ! @Dreamz Go to the redis map and use the clearall bat. after that remove your save files because you cant use them anymore when you change the map. after that is should work
  10. still how did you configured ur saves? show me the Command lines of each server
  11. how is your server setup? only 1 grid? or multiple grids? and how do you have the save maps? every server need a other map to save in. if the maps are the same this happens. the server cant load the map.
  12. when changed the server true the map editor empty ur Redis and wipe the server
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