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    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    @Long John Screw Off So you are a 51 year old office admin? I'm 57 and you come off as an overly-sensitive snowflake to me.
  2. Orv Williams

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

  3. Pressing "C" is very inconsistent. I have my cannons all set to SHIPS ONLY and as soon as I drop anchor my crew immediately begins blasting fish and whatnot. I can spam the living shit out of C to no avail, resulting in dismounting my entire crew from cannons to stop the idiots from wasting all my ammo.
  4. Orv Williams

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    The moment you begin punishing good players in attempts to curb shitty behavior by bad players you have lost your way as a developer. Simple as that. Go ahead, kill your game by a thousand cuts.
  5. Orv Williams

    Claim Flags in PVE

    I solved the issue. I simply hosted a server on my own hardware and now play privately with about a dozen of my friends. I am a grandfather and tech... I got tired of the atrocious behavior. Thank you for your thoughts and advice.
  6. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, even though I have hosted servers privately on my own hardware for decades, this setup has eluded me using the existing info available. I am a hardware guy, not a software guy, and the grid information is incomplete and often contradictory. No love so far, but I am still trying.
  7. Orv Williams

    Claim Flags in PVE

    Yes... he placed a water flag behind an offshore pillar and it overlapped far onto my shore holdings. The area shows as mine when I am walking around, yet he can freely build on it. At first he just built out on the pillar, but lately he has come ashore and begun to build. He harvests materials all around my structures like it belongs to him and so far hasn't responded to any attempt on my part to interact. He isn't on during the day when I play, but comes sometime during the night and is gone when I get up. It is frustrating. I had a company of around 12 players and all have quit playing totally due to the poor land claim mechanics of this game. I am the last one left, waiting to see if things get better. We suffered constantly with encroachment on our small claim area on a PvE server, as well as theft. The game does NOT feel very PvE in the slightest. Bad experience for all... and that is sad. We are a group of middle-aged gamers, I'm 57 years old for fuck's sake. I have better things to do than deal with poor behaving online children on some game with atrocious PvE mechanics that allows for endless griefing.
  8. Orv Williams

    Claim Flags in PVE

    I have someone who built on my company property a few weeks ago without asking permission and I want him gone... waiting to see how this pans out. I just checked and all his structures are still in place and belong to him... right below MY claim flag. =(
  9. OK, so it has been nearly a couple weeks now since launch and I noticed the announcement concerning the release of mod support later this week. What I do not see is any mention of files allowing those of us with personally owned server hardware to launch our own private servers. Can I get some clarity on this please? Grapeshot PR, perhaps some information would be a great thing here?
  10. Orv Williams

    Why are Chinese players spamming numbers in chat?

    What you are seeing is people using the Chinese character set to type with Chinese keyboards. You do not see the Chinese characters because your PC does not have them installed, so you are seeing a placeholder.
  11. Orv Williams

    I'm done for now ...

    Creatures detect players through solid walls and aggro... attacking structures until they are destroyed. They can reach through walls and damage things. Totally unacceptable that this issue remains a problem in modern gaming. Creatures seem literally drawn to shipyards, even when no players are nearby... causing them to swarm around the structures and become very difficult and expensive to deal with. Extremely low level base creatures can quickly kill high level players, they respawn very quickly and in large populations. This doesn't feel like a challenge, it feels like you are simply being punished. Hitboxes for some creatures, e.g. Giant Snakes, are horribly small and glitchy. Sometimes I can fire 10-12 arrows directly into the snout of a giant snake and it takes almost no damage, even if I see blood decals and flashing health bar, both of which indicate that my arrow hit. I am not talking about ALPHA creatures... but a regular Level 2 Giant Snake. It is just nuts. Creatures regen instantly to full health after taking damage if anywhere near a corpse... you waste your time even attacking them sometimes. Eating a corpse to gain health regen is a decent mechanic, but the rate is just ridiculous, and the corpse doesn't even go away much of the time... the creature just circles endlessly and cannot be damaged. Aggro range on many creatures are just crazy.
  12. Very true. PvE at this point is EXTREMELY toxic and anything but actual PvE. Flag system is in a state that allows abuse and stealing of land and property that belongs to other players. Buoys that sometimes become bugged and cannot be destroyed block respawning of resources over large swaths of land, making large claimed areas totally useless. This bug is being used rampantly to grief other players. Many personal workstations and other items with inventories cannot be locked against theft and players are plagued by thieves that are emboldened by the fact that there is no moderation through the developers, nor is there any recourse by players suffering losses. Overall, the experience on PvE is far from fun in a PvE sense and several players in my own crew have stopped playing until such time as something is done. They simply are not enjoying themselves. It is a very unsatisfactory experience. If a refund was possible at this point I personally would request it, mainly because I see many posts pointing out these issues and more... yet I don't see any acknowledgement by the developers that these issues exist nor any assurances that things are known and being worked on. Poor communication seems to persist despite all the claims made after the extremely rocky launch.
  13. Orv Williams

    PVE - Respawn Ressources - Message for Developers

    It would be nice if we could REMOVE the buoys... but they are bugged currently and cannot be removed. The base of the buoy belongs to one company, and the signs on the buoy belong to another. Pretty frustrating considering that I was the one that placed the buoys and they were never contested by the company that has the name on them. We are waiting on the countdown timer, but suspect it will be bugged like others we have experienced prior.
  14. Orv Williams

    Hud missing since patch

    No HUD, two rafts sunk just offshore. We were trying to look for harvestables in the lawless area because our claim area is totally spawnless for materials. So, thanks devs... keep punishing us again and again while ignoring our complaints about issues like NO HARVESTABLE RESPAWNS despite replacing claim flags and destroying buoys. Ignore our complaints that the land claiming system is BUGGED!!! SERIOUSLY BUGGED. Earlier today a level 30 Giant Snake literally SPAWNED INSIDE our house and destroyed EVERYTHING, killing all our offline members while two of us were across the island trying to harvest the little bit of resources that still remained. So thanks AGAIN for that. Doors all locked, windows closed... it spawned inside and ran amok. Respond please... this shit is getting old kids. My entire company is getting fed up and quitting the game. We have about a dozen in our Company, most are middle-aged or older. You are wrecking the game for US!!!! Either fix this shit RIGHT or release the damned server files so I can setup a private server where I can at least mitigate your idiot ideas on game balance. No, I am not happy... you have finally just pissed off this grandfather. I have never complained against a development house like this in my life, but you have manage to exceed all expectations for pulling totally boneheaded moves against the PvE community in this game. It is NOT PvE. It is a DEV GANK FEST. Nuff Said... ~Orv Williams. (I don't use a fucking alias, I don't need to hide behind anonymity online... never have.)
  15. On NA Hydra's Den PvE none of the resources have yet to respawn anywhere on our side of Oxwater Island at J12. Not since our arrival a week ago. We replaced all 6 of our flags... twice. Each time it was done by a different admin to insure that the player wasn't bugged. We had 5 buoys, but could only remove 2... because the other 3 cannot be removed. The signs on each buoy registers as being the property of our company, but the main part of the buoy registers to a company that we were allied with... no idea how THAT bug happened. They didn't have a flag anywhere near the area, ever. A third party encroached on our flag in the water, and it was bugged and took us all week to finally be able to take the spot back and destroy the flag. So this mechanic is thoroughly borked. Add the crazy high predator density and respawn rate, along with the crazy frequency of Ghost Ships leaving us stranded save for rafts, the ever constant thieves attempting to boldly steal from our camp by shadowing us and attempting to enter buildings, and there is more frustration than joy in what was supposed to be a PvE game. These issues are no minor bug, they are making it very difficult to be interested in playing the game at this point, because there is little enjoyment in returning to a camp that is totally denuded, forcing our dozen or so members to venture ever further in search of materials. Constant checking to see what has been stolen from unlockable inventories or claimed through bug exploitation gets old. It is even difficult as all hell to SEE the floating name and company of thieving players that run around through our camp checking all the doors for entrance in broad daylight with our members standing right there. We can see OUR tags, but a moving strangers is extremely hard. That is just absurd. Please Grapeshot, at least admit these issues and assure us that you are working to correct them as quick as possible. This is YOUR game forum... get someone in here to read and respond to your audience in a timely fashion and pin this interaction to the front of the forum so we can see. Your PR is lacking, and I say that as an older gamer (born in '62) and a guy that spent years running a business and dealing with customers. This isn't how you do it. If you are mostly interacting with players via Twitter or Discord you are doing it wrong... the forums are the main place players are seeking input and answers. I huge portion of your base don't even have accounts for these social media venues. Mirror the important stuff from those places HERE at the forums front and center. COMMUNICATE. Note: Just the opinion of an old tech that has dabbled a bit in code as well as hosted game servers on my own hardware for many years... this game has a problem with corrupt data. When a shipyard and boat being built in it belong to one company, yet the scaffolding that connects the ship to the shipyard shows as the property of another company... something is amiss.