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  1. Loni

    Seems a bit sleazy

    Such response shows how Immature you are.
  2. My activity in the past week went to only logging in daily once and thats it. See you guys late february I guess.
  3. Loni

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Honestly its not a massive issue. I would recomend trying it when it comes to G3 because the entrance is relatively well accessible from the East and no need to crouch at all. The only issue are the elementals and the aimbots they use, but you can sneak by if enough people are trying to get it.
  4. Found an alpha 117 lvl Croc. Took me 10 bow repairs, exactly 325 arrows and more then an hour to kill it. Love it. NOT. All of that with being speced into bows.
  5. Loni

    Who else is losing motivation?

    I am, but its normal. To be honest at this point waiting for Anthem and Division to come out. I feel like I am reaching the limit of my Atlas gameplay.
  6. Loni

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    FUUUUCK i was at the entrance fucking end me....
  7. So is the exploiting of sinking ships fixed? am I safe to release my ship from the dock after two weeks now? Saw that in the patchnotes, but still massive amounts of doubt!
  8. Loni

    Sinking ship exploit fixed?

    So its still possible just abit more time consuming to do without the rope drag glitch... Welp... Seems like my ships is gonna rot in my dock longer... What about not doing any ladder and simply put a roof ramp on the side? Does that count as a ship deck (extension) and is not accessible by others?
  9. Loni

    Sinking ship exploit fixed?

    Good to hear! (read in this case lol)
  10. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I can see that as a workaround when it comes to the land claims, but the "zerging" of the special grids still stands. Not necessarily in terms of alliance handholding dominance, but more regarding server stability and literally locking down the grind by constantly having 150 people on it.
  11. 1. i am sure it was asked already, but what about the overlapping of flag claim? 2. Sea claims... Any solutions or plans to change them? Currently I am personally completely locked down by massive sea clams preventing me to build a drydock... 3. Mixed PVE+PVP servers plans? (only certain grids have PVP enabled with different rare resources on the islands)
  12. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    PVE/P mixed server grids would also bring some issues that would need to be adressed. For example how would bases work? Or how would the server hold if two big companies decided to fight over a special server grid with rare stuff on it. Would make zerging even a bigger issue sadly where big alliances could lock down rare resources on the special grids...
  13. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Thats adressed in the next sentence you didnt highlight . I am also trying to be nice to assholes too in game and in real life. Sometimes its very interesting to see their reaction. I guess that has alot to do with my work experience working with many different people in customer service.
  14. Loni

    What is the point of base building?

    In theory we are all wasting our time building massive bases for the obvious early access wipe probability, but its the building process that makes it fun for me. PVE building is also much safer, for again obvious reasons. I would love to have a water based going up a cliff at some point, but for now I didnt find a suitable spot yet. Its so amazing to see the creations of some people just randomly when I visit different islands.
  15. Loni

    we need a Balance fixe for WildLife

    Give them time for balancing features like this... Its Early access and I believe there are way more pressing issues to fix first...
  16. I did build an outpost on one hell of a hostile island with Croc spawns, giant snake spawns and atleast 10 vultures per square meter, but after I build my outpost, the spawns seem to have lowered the amount of predator spawns in a circle of aproximately 50 meters. At first I thought it will be impossible to live there. Asap when I set foot on the shore I had 5 (FIVE) snakes on my tail lol. With time and some fire arrows I cleaned the area and the spawns decreased somewhat significantly. Game is already super easy as it is on PVE and nerfing the predators even more will make it a complete snorefest
  17. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I can understand if someone claims, that PVP server is hard to play solo, but how the hell can someone say that PVE is hard to play solo? In PVP it is obvious, that joining a bigger group of people is pretty much needed unless you want to end up as a slave on someones island under their protection. There might be ways how to make the game more fair for smaller groups, but never for solo players on a PVP server. PVE is easy if you are atleast somewhat of a decent human being. Treat people with respect and they will repay you with the same. Just like in real life you might come across some random asshole and just like in real life you walk away and try to surround yourself with decent people. Having a mic helps alot also.
  18. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I know, but from what I seen it has a timer before it can be destroyed.
  19. How is this not a critical bug yet nowhere really mentioned by the devs is super frustrating...
  20. Thank you for taking the time and making the screenshots with reporting them.
  21. Loni

    PSA: PVE sink ship and racism C12

    It is heavily abused on PVE. I seen it multiple times when a company named StrawHats sank multiple Schooners, Brigs and Sloops (including mine) that set anker in near proximity to them. After sinking them, they scavenge what they can ofcourse. They also did try to grief me. Killed me with a hammer when it still wasnt fixed, opened my pin locked doors and stole stuff from Smithy, tried to get into my base with agroing alpha animals (failed since the animals dont damage walls unless agroed on you) and tried to steal my flag (always failed ). Now they pretty much gave up trying to troll me as I never gave them the reaction they desire. There are three advices I can give as someone with experience of being griefed by pathetic trolls. - Move out from the island (last solution) - Dont give in and never show them any reaction of anger. They feed on it and lose interest fast when they dont get the reactions they want. If they still continue, then report them and wait. - Find a place on someones claim and build a "outpost". I know... Can end horribly, but believe me... There are also nice people out there!
  22. Loni

    Why would anyone rent land?

    This renting claim system is a super "trust" heavy mechanic. In many scenarios, the one who builds on someones flag is in risk of literally losing everything except the stuff he has in boxes or locked containers. All the building he did is wasted if the one who owns the claims one day decides to screw you over.
  23. Loni

    pve EU PVE Land for Rent - No tax

    I wonder what would happen if you switched the flag to locked with my building in it. Please dont lol
  24. Loni

    pve EU PVE Land for Rent - No tax

    Already settled in up a hill I don't know if its your house with the wood gates around tho Met already a nice French dude so it looks like a cozy place.