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  1. Can't say as I blame you. It was depressing watching my Schooner go down, but if it has been my brig then I think I would have rage quit.
  2. If anyone is interested I have been running around the island yelling that they are sinking ships. I think I managed to save a few ships but far too many have been sunk. Whilst I did that I took screenshots of as many as I could. I think there were about 10 of them but I couldn't get to all of them whilst warning people. Here is a link to an imgur album with all the screenshots I was able to capture (sorry for potato graphics, I keep them down to max frames). https://imgur.com/a/2MgNZ12
  3. The global font needs to be an option by default. I had just installed it before logging in, but if I hadn't I wouldn't have been able to identify them which would have made it harder to catch them. But more importantly, we need this issue resolved. We have no way to fight back but this isn't PvE atm. It's cheaters wrecking the rest of us and we are helpless unless we start cheating as well (I'm not advocating that we cheat, just stating that the current state of the game gives no other in-game option to combat them). Sorry to hear you got attacked as well. This is far too common.
  4. Chinese overweight glitchers are currently attacking N4. My company has had 2 ships destroyed at the time of writing this and they are moving along my island (The most northernly island). They are using the overweight exploit and dragging players who are greatly overweight onto ships and then sinking them. Luckily I had just installed the global font and was able to get screenshots of their names and have sent all the details in a report to the devs. I don't know if you can do anything to protect yourselves from this. I was helpless and had to watch as my blockade runner was destroyed. But I just want to give as many people in the area a heads up. The threat is very real. Sail Safe.
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