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  1. You're absolutely clueless man. You can cross into certain server tiles and have 255 ping with constant server stutter. Open water. Your FPS is fine though. And this IS NOT client side ping. The servers are running so poorly that when you craft stuff you can see the progress bar bouncing backwards over and over. I promise you, that whatever huge base you have on eu pve is nothing compared to the PvP servers bases and structures Sky mortar towers made on a 3x3 grid, layered going up 30+ walls high. Over 1000 structures each. Islands covered in them. Bases 7 layers thick of walls with ramps between and cielings with ramps between. Fleets of pvp ships at the ready. Tame counts nearing max per company on each PvP main tile. You seriously know nothing of how bad server performance is. I have a 2070, m2 ssd, i5 9600k, 16g ram. I can run around with 40+frames around extremely large bases. The issue is structures literally don't even load in because the server is so strained. Entire boats don't. The servers are slide shows from server lag(not client side frame rates). All of this could be fixed if the devs addressed it and put in limits.
  2. What server and tile are you on? When you say huge base, what type of structure count are you talking? On official PvP, even small 15 man company's build bases that are hear structure cap in multiple locations, have near tame limit and have dozens of ships. That is just 1 company on 1 island of 1 tile. That alone lags the whole tile. Now put 3 if those company's in the same tile and enjoy the slideshow as you sail through that tile. It didn't matter how good your computer is. You have no idea the server lag and rendering issues if you think pc hardware solves it. There are times where entire sections of our base doesn't render or entire ships don't render in because of the amount of structures in our tile. My company is just as guilty and i spend part of my days trying to reduce structure count. Trying to place a ladder and we got 17,000/15,750 limit one day because it overlapped bases. And I'm here asking for devs to limit us. Force us to demolish entire bases and rebuild with harsh structure limit. Make us destroy tames and boats. Whatever it takes to improve performance for everyone. But 1 company out of 3 or 4 on a tile gimping themselves won't help, it needs to be game mechanics. So I'm still curious, what you think is a large base that your 2080 fixed that doesn't cause the issues I'm describing. You clearly haven't experienced the slideshow servers of official PvP
  3. One bump.. then I'll let this die. Are people really more interested in drawing attention to pve traveling being boring? Structure spam makes the game borderline unplayable. But let's focus on what won't exist if this doesn't get corrected....
  4. 90% weight reduction 100 slots Doesn't act like resource box Animal cargo doesn't do anything right now. I assume bugged.
  5. Client performance is another thing. I'm talking server performance though. Large bases, lots of ships, lots of takes lag entire servers. Let's say a large company has a massive laggy island and another smallcompany has a small base on another island. If no one from the large company is online, the people in the small company will have great performance. If 1 person from the large company logs in, the server turns laggy for EVERYONE in the server because not the server has to feed information from the massive base to even just 1 client. Now add 20 people running around the massive base. The server becomes a laggy mess with that 200+ping we deal with. This will never be fixed unless devs accept reasonable limitations on what the engine and servers can handle.
  6. Devs, @Jatheish specifically here... Have you ever openly discussed in detail the acceptance of engine limitations that dramatically effect server performance? Allowing a single structure to be in the radius of 15,750 other structures and the sprawling bases is horrible for PC performance. Find a better solution to bases other than layering, such as upgradable walls. NPC crew ai it's horrendous to deal with, especially on laggy servers. Why are NPCs even needed like they are now? If i put a suggestion here, it'll derail the thread, but can't you think of a better way to have ships be manned on cannons and sails than NPCs as yet another addition strain on server performance? What's the performance hit of all the ships in our harbors? Why don't we have ships in a bottle feature yet? Like ark cryopods. Can we please get harsher ship limits? Tames and breeding. There has to be a better system than allowing hundreds of females to mate with a male and having all these tames in a base. Please, restrict us. Please accept limitations in the engine and prioritize performance. I'm getting to the point where i can't be bothered to pvp because performance is so bad across all the servers. So again, devs, a detailed response on this would be great. Edit to add in: pillar spamming islands is incredibly stupid. The fact you can do it, the fact it is so important to do for pvp... Seriously, address this crap. Take the time to address all the bullshat pvp meta mechanics we all use that hurts the game. Show is you're aware of the state of the game in detail.
  7. This game doesnt come close to any mmo type "yet". It is their plan and they should introduce features based on it. Some stuff should require a group.
  8. Go play a modded server that gives everything... Shut the fuck up about solo in mmo.
  9. Mmo Cant man it, don't use it. Played other games where you needed actual people to fire the cannons without issue.
  10. Thank you for the compliment, you're too kind. Yes, the best way to show there are issues with mechanics during early access, in which the players function as beta testers, is to purposely break them. As i said before, the devs are notorious for being hard headed with theory crafted issues and only react when there is proof players are being driven away.
  11. Too late for devs to change at this point. Ride out the next iteration of rules and hope for improvements later. Devs are hard headed since ark and need to see it broken and abused. They never listen to theory crafting. The best thing you can do is abuse the things you feel are broken as much as possible to get attention.
  12. Yes... That's why tames are there... Lol I'm fine with not allowing tames to live there.
  13. Wut? It only exists because of design and balance flaws. It isn't a staple... I'd much rather see walls that are upgradable. But if I'm the minority on thinking layering is a great feature, i guess I'll just continue to watch ships crash into structures that take 2 minutes to render in around medium size company bases. Let alone the render time around large companies....
  14. The game engine needs to take simple shapes made of 10's or of hundreds of structures and covert them into single entities with snap points the same as the multiple entities. What they really need to do is accept engine limitations and put in harsher structure limits. If 100 walls turning into a single entity, it needs to count as 100 walls. Behemoth gates should likewise count as multiple structures in terms of structure count. Enough with this endless layering of large bases. I want an optimized game with restrictions that doesn't test players patience.
  15. I like the size of the world but i think they should have several more smaller islands per tile.
  16. It's time to accept performance limitations that impact gameplay... Make structure count per claim flag area matter. Show a number when looking at a structure of your count and limit. Make people optimize base design around these limits. Make structure blueprints more valuable in upgrading smaller bases instead of just honeycombing mega bases. There is no aw factor while rendering in massive bases no matter how good they look. It just ruins the game waiting for walls and floors to load. Falling into a floor that didn't render yet needs to stop. Let private servers adjust the values so they can make whatever they want. Official servers need to be optimized for smooth gameplay. Learn from ark... Limits. Limits without workarounds. Limits with forethought on how pvp and pve will abuse it.
  17. Bulls need a cargo harness that moves weight. Make a medium gate that fits elephants. Behe gates are stupid
  18. Use more than 1... But right now that isn't an option because even with 10, they won't shoot in time
  19. Dear Devs, PUCKLES DON'T WORK ON LIVE SERVERS. I don't know what you tested on your private server. But anyone can run in front of them without getting shot. The tracking is WAY too slow. Please buff puckle aiming speed and trigger speed to instant. Stop making base raiding easier and easier. This is coming from someone who raids bases and walks past their puckles feeling bad they thought they set up defense. MAKE PUCKLES WORK IMMEDIATELY
  20. I lucked out. Saw Jat join the server to do whatever dev stuff he must have been doing and luckily caught his attention in global. He commented he wasn't sure why the ticket was closed without it being fixed... I'm leaving ownership on the second account i purchased and I'm just never going to touch it unless needed.
  21. @Dollie @AmberEnix My ticket was closed unresolved. I NEED OWNERSHIP TRANSFERRED TO A NEW CHARACTER. Caps lock because I'm baffled at this point. You created a thread of how request help for ownership issues then closed the ticket without fixing it.
  22. You need to drop Company/ally to test. The issue is targeting speed. It won't target and shoot a running player. Range is over 20 foundations.
  23. Even 30% retention until it becomes stable is still a workable number. People still trickle in and trickle out. Does steam count unique logins? People also just play less hours or come on to check out a patch. The should consider putting out a more defined road map though. The stirring talk of they don't know what they're doing and winging it (like ark) is starting to gain momentum. That will certainly hurt pop. I assume the game will eventually get mmo features. Pvp hotspots. Tame reworks. The game mechanics need to encourage activity outside of raiding bases. Move away from ark and more into mmo sandbox with fluff and features. Hopefully dailies add some hotspots for conflict.
  24. 60% retention on a hyped early access game is pretty damn good. You guys are cherry picking statistics to make this look like something to worry about. We are the alpha/beta testers. Our feedback shapes the game. Seems some people came into the game not understanding that.
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