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  1. Patrik

    Market place proposal.

    Just no. Marketplace will ruin any game, even this one. Please let us not have a marketplace, it is not fun and not needed
  2. Patrik

    Captain's Log 30: Set Sail For PTR!

    Why more islands? Only a few of those already in the game is actually used by anyone.
  3. Patrik

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    Hooks to stop ships is not wanted. I have never seen that in ship combat of the time and I would not like to see it in this game. Even more tame is not good. People shall only be allowed to have horses no other tames, its ridiculous. A good game is not crafted by making alot of stuff like this, I am sad. This is the best game ever, I have played em all since 1999. Unfotunatly it was at its best just the weeks after release, and after that its downhill. Everything getting easier and more abundant and less fun. Work on the technical problems, but dont listen to when people want everything easier. Listening to that kills games.
  4. I suggest a bonus that keep growing each hour your character has not died. The bonus will lower the rate your vitamin depletion and also thirst depletion.
  5. Patrik

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Wonderful. Well done devs. I will play Atlas:Empires. See you all in game.
  6. Patrik

    Two sides?

    I would not play. Faction is not open world free for all PvP.
  7. Patrik

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Best post. This is what I want to.
  8. Patrik

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    I want such a hardcore PvP Server. The new rules strike me as to soft for my liking. I subscribe to the original posters petition.
  9. Because it is fun to build cannon towers and a harbour. The point of the game is ships. People want to build a real harbour for their ships. They cannot do that in the the new system if they do not own the island. And if you dont own the island the owner owns you and everything you have built. They can remove you stuff if you dont agree to anything they say. Nobody is going to want that, nobody will build on an island where they cannot build defences and someone else can demolish their stuff, simple as that. I feel that I after 20+ years of hardcore PvP gaming, from Ultima, through Asherons Call, past Shadowbane that I know alot of how theses things will work out. I wont be wrong, I assure you.
  10. Today with the current system its not a problem for a small guild to own land. Only need to do some diplomacy and it works just fine. The new system however, I agree with original poster, noone will own land. Nobody that dont own the island would want land on that island. That the devs dont see this is strange.
  11. Patrik

    New rules is not going to work

    I just played since launch in a small guild, around 40 people. We never did offline raid anyone, and did not bend to any zerg will. We are just fine. Did we get offline raided? Yes we did, did we quit like cry babies? No we did not. We scouted and found the offline raiders and went there prime time and wiped them out. It has been super fun. And we never grief, we never cheat and we dont zerg. Worked just fine for us. And we had fun. Does the game need a wipe? Yes it does. Does it need tweaks? Yes it does. Does the offline raiding need tweaking? Yes for sure. But the game dont need to become carebear easy. There is a PVE server for that. Fix the cheats, fix the duping, start banning offenders. But dont dumb down the game, it wont make it anymore succesful if you do. In time and fixed and tweaked it would be hugely succesful as it is.
  12. Patrik

    PVP outside of window.

    Super lame system. Really pointless. PvP always and everywhere is what I want. With player created consequenses for evil people, just like we have now, even though current system needs tweaking. This really is the best game ever, I have waited for 18 years. But the new rules seem to put and end to that.
  13. Patrik

    New rules is not going to work

    Well, since its PvE most of time you cant not shoot anyone unless its those speical hours and its going to be so silly. Its not PvP anymore and just uninteresting, and also they will noit compete with World of Warcraft anyway, so it will be a failure commercially. What is really needed is tweaks, and keep it as it is. Use deleopmnet recources and time to keep doing new stuffm quests, more ship types etc. And I firmly believe this game would be much better off, or rather we players would be better off with a monthly fee. With this model they need to sell new copies, wich means they dont care about present players, only to do changes that may attract new plaerys who buy the game. Monthly fee incentiveses the company to cater to the players they have, not seeking to attract new ones.
  14. Patrik

    New pvp changes are trash.

    The new system is trash because it interupts supsension of disbelief. That means the feeling of it being real or being there rather gets destroyed. First of all, the fact that you can build on an enemy island posing as neutral and then declare war is going to be the way to take over an island. That is unrealistic and boring. Scouting wich is one of the most fun aspects of the game will be gone. Before a war your enemy will walk around you island in total safety looking at what you have, testing out shooting angels and such. Thats arena PVP to me, not huge world open pvp, and destroys my suspension of disbelief. Not being to be able to build cannons unless you own an island it boring as hell. Nobody will do that, everyone will want an island or quit if they cant have one. The island owners will own you, do whatever they say or they remove everything you have built. Nobody is going to live like that, again everyone will own an island or they will quit. The only ones content living on your island and not owning it will be your enemy, and they will do it just because they are preparing for an attack on you. Trust me on this. The new system is trash because it makes controlling the sea lanes, the actual sea-combat pointless. Today I can really own the sea, and if I do that a few days the ground attack will be much easier. And today on defence, no island has yet been lost if you own the sea. If your enemy wipes you, they still can not really take your island if you should own them at sea. Now they wil remove this? Thats is stupid! The new system is trash because it simply removes this game from a full hardcore PVP game and makes in softcore. Like WordOfWarcraft Pvp or something, wich shouldnt even be called pvp in my opinion. All in all, the new system will alienate 90% of those that still play Atlas and love it, in hope that new people will join that dont like PvP. I dont think that will succeed for one thing, and since I want the this game hardcore its a disaster for me personally. I waited for this game for 20 years, its the best game ever. Ofcource we need to wipe due to cheats and unbalances, but removing everything that I love about it and making it a game I probably wont find enjoyable at all, is ofcource something I am very sad about.
  15. Patrik

    New pvp changes are trash.

    The original poster is absolutly right. I agree 100%.