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  1. Not confusing, it's just that you entered with bias towards dismantling my post. That's cool if that's what you need to do to get through your day. George is correct, The devs are actually to blame, as their business model clearly does not take into account customer needs. They are benchmarking against other games and not the requirements of their client base. The narrative and figures speak for themselves.
  2. I have played this game since it's release. I have had a few holidays from it, mainly to escape the grind. I really enjoy this game, I have a demanding career and a family, and I find complex games like Ark and Atlas give me an avenue to unwind. The population, as we all know, has died dramatically. In my opinion, this is because of the scope of the official map not being able to be replicated by unofficial servers. The game is terribly unoptimized, and still has significant bugs that were identified by the population in the first week. The officials became a bloodbath, and I will never play on them again. I play on a great 3x3 unofficial, with boosted rates, and even it's population has died because whilst the players enjoyed the more casual atmosphere, the size and scope of officials left them wanting more. Rather than go to officials and risk losing their time investment over and over, they left the game. Devs, your player base exists in unofficial servers. Your current player base of 2500 globally tells you that your official servers are turning people away from the game. The days of grinding endlessly and calling it entertainment are long gone. Concentrate on unofficials, develop a way that they can have more scope and seamless transitions so that the player base that is lying dormant return to the game. If not, that 2500 will soon become less.
  3. Hello Is there any way to change the gather rate and build radius settings for Warehouse, Lumberyard, Farmhouse, Quarry and Mine? I am on a great 3x3 grid which has all small islands, providing all resources and great sailing, but the build rates and gather rates of the farms make them useless. TIA Datto
  4. I'd like to see more work done with NPC's. The farmhouse and warehouse was a good idea but instead of being fully auto, why not have it run by NPC's which have to harvest and survive, as well as the usual payment and food supplied. Auto Pilot on ships should also be enhanced. NPC's could have a skill tree so you can have a pilot steering the ship whilst you make the calls from the podium. The current setup is half baked. SOTD rewards are very poor as well, I can invest a significant amount of time into sinking multiple high level SOTD to get a couple of hundred gold and mythical cloth armour. This is a fantastic game with great potential, it just needs more daily content to keep us engaged.
  5. Hiya, Is there any way to increase the crafting limit of 1000 in the smithy etc on a private server? Making bulk items such as gunpowder would be more efficient if we didn't have to hang around and spam A every few minutes. Thanks
  6. If you want to play on an exceptional unofficial server join the Gaming Alliance servers based in Australia Gaming Alliance has over 600 people in discord and runs 40+ servers. All servers are free to play however donations can be made via Patreon and are greatly appreciated by the server admin/owner. These servers are not risky rentals. The hardware is owned, updated and maintained by the admin and are state of the art. This is not my server, I merely play on it, but I have been playing numerous titles on the Gaming Alliance servers for over 3 years and the Atlas cluster is very high quality with a fair and trustworthy admin. Having played Atlas since release, on both official and unofficial, I can state that this is the best server cluster I have ever played on. The 3x3 map is player designed, using selected biomes and islands to provide a full Atlas experience. Great PvP community (no griefers), great rates and as I said, trustworthy long term admin. ---> GamingAlliance.Net|3x3|3x|PvP|SmallTribes <--- 3 x Gathering 3 x XP 3 x Taming/Breeding Mode: PvP PvP Window: 3hrs Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (unlimited alliances) 1 x Freeport (no pvp on spawn island) Freeport has no XP limitations Player Food/Water Drain: 50% Structure Pickup Time: 60s Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days (so make it count) No building bases on starter island Total Skill Points: 1290 Max Level: 151 Unlimited respec Mods: Unlock Powerstones Wiped: 5/Oct/2019 -FIND OUT MORE HERE- https://www.gamingalliance.net DISCORD details on website
  7. I have bred two bears in the last two nights and fed them to juvenile age, and each time I filled the food trough with food (6k berries) and logged off leaving them to grow. Both times I have logged in 6 hours later and the juvenile bears have starved to death, and the troughs are empty. The trough is meant to make the food decay 4 times slower. Please look at the tame animals system in your game urgently. Breeding shouldn't be easy but also shouldn't so buggy as it wastes a significant amount of time, which turns gamers away. Maybe introduce a nanny like the S+ mod for Ark, or a baby/juvenile specific food trough or barn that can only be accessed at tier 3 breeding that raises them offline.
  8. +1 to this, and it is not just alphas. The island I am on has ridiculous mobs of predators. Tonight I was on my lvl 30 bear which was HP levelled and a lvl 14 wolf attacked. The wolf consistently stayed at the rear of the bear and as they run faster than the bear I was circling and made no difference. It knocked half the hp out of the bear before I killed it. I was unable to walk the bear backwards during the fight as the wolf was half way inside the bears body. Once I killed it a second wolf arrived, as did a giant snake and two spiders. The fight was unwinnable and the bear died. It only took half an hour to tame the bear but the travel to and from an island to get it made the time investment well over an hour. It is just not worth it, the mobs are unmanageable.
  9. Full details from the admin: We have a 3x3 PvP cluster; Freeport is PvE so new spawns can't be griefed and can be used for trade and resources. All other maps are PvP, we are averaging 40-50 people on the cluster, lets make it more <3. Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance-3x3-3x-PvP-SmallTribes You can find server info and map at https://www.gamingalliance.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=113&p=359 Info: 3x Gathering 3x XP 3x Taming/Breeding Mode: PvP Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (unlimited alliances) Placeable Flags 1 Freeport (PvE, so no killing at spawn point) Freeport has no XP limitations Player Food/Water Drain: 50% Structure Pickup Time: 60s Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days Out of Claim Decay: 2x No building bases on starter island Total Skill Points: 180 Max Level: 51 Unlimited respec Atlas Regions A1 (Rolling Thunder) - Tropical A2 (Bloodyliyah) - Equatorial A3 (Tannenbaum) - Temperate B1 (Accadacca) - Desert B2 (Central) - Equatorial B3 (Dynamo) - Equatorial C1 (Crikey Irwin) - Temperate C2 (Goonbag Isle) - Tropical C3 (Woop Woop) - Tundra Admin will be adding more islands to the map once there is more documentation on whats on each one.
  10. I play on an Australian PvP 3x3 cluster with slightly increased harvest rates and PvE Freeport spawn area, that also has regional lockouts and max 5 in a tribe so the majority of the issues mentioned are fixed for us. I will however add these: Transition between regions for bigger ships: On unofficials the transitions between regions has bugs and sometime the ships cannot cross. This is obviously debilitating and needs to be fixed. I agree with the animal mobs comments. I live on an equatorial island where everything is a predator and you cannot move outside my walls, even with plate and firearms. I often see an alpha spider, wolves, tigers and scorpions all patrolling together in a group. If anyone is interested in the server I am playing on PM me, it is significantly better than officials and is a really good community.
  11. Please remove the cooldown on the hotbar weapons. waiting 10 seconds for a bow or a spear after you have recovered your items is crazy, particularly as the mobs are so fast, so aggro and don't leave your corpse. Thanks
  12. Sorry mate you are wrong. You have merely chosen the wrong unofficials. The server I am on is stable with a very active admin who runs a fair and equitable community and has run Ark servers (and other games) for three years. Have fun.
  13. I play solo and after a rough start in the game I want to state from the outset that I play on a 3x3 unofficial PvP with slightly increased rates. This server has made the game enjoyable for me as I live in Australia and officials were giving me pings of 1400+. PM me if anyone wants the server details. In response to Talona's question I offer the following: Officials are a big community but with that comes griefers, trolls and different time zones so players are at their prime when you are offline. Try and find a decent sized unofficial with increased harvest rates and unlimited respec like I did. Respec is very important. Build right on the shoreline, but build a shipyard right in front of your claim. Using the H button, build behemoth gates all the way around your claim area. Respec to increased harvest and harvest everything Respec to building and build stone everything. Build a stone taming trap Respec to beastmaster 3 and tame a few high level predators. You will die repeatedly kiting them to your trap but stick with it. Put them on aggressive in your base but not wander. and have them follow a passive. Use sloops with speed sails. Solo sail and use half walls in the hull to build a floor out of ceilings and install smithy and storage. Sloops are an affordable loss as are shipyards. Respec and build armour, respec and build guns, respec and captain your ship. Don't get attached to your gear and enjoy the game! It's not a 2nd job it's entertainment so don;t take it seriously. Good luck solo colleague. PM me your location as even though the server I am on is based in Australia we have US and French players logging in with better pings than official.
  14. Tonight I had a tame lvl 23 tiger and lvl 40 wolf on aggressive inside my base walls on guard duty. I watched both get killed my a lvl 9 wolf which ran through the closed gates. These are large wood gates mind you. My tames were hitting much harder than the wolf, and they both died. Please fix the mobs.
  15. Press H and build large gates around your claim boundary. It will give you some respite until the devs eventually fix the mobs. Mine took 24 gates to surround. It's an old Ark trick from the days where you did the death relay every 5 minutes.
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