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  1. I think it should be more like schooner 1000g brig 2500g gally 10kg
  2. It's strange that you need to farm up and build an entire ship, then pay a ton of gold on top of that.. why not forget farming and building all together and just let you buy completed ships. I tried to see the good side of the gold cost, it does make ships more valuable so there's more on the line in fights but 50k gold for a gally.. a small company would never be able to own one and that's even too expensive for big companies. I'm suspicious that they made this change knowing it would push people away before the release of ark 2.
  3. or maybe they should add a counter.. oh wait there's been a counter to shields since season 1 day 1
  4. yea i bet a lot of playerbase left or at least plays a lot less because of that, a week or 2 of fighting kraken and other players for xp just wiped because devs felt like it.. I agree it was too much xp, but just fix that.. don't wipe player levels like wtf?
  5. The yeti thing I do agree with but the kraken took real effort. If people level in a way that you don't want them to, go ahead and change it but stop wiping their levels ffs. You're punishing your own players for your own mistakes.. I think you should even revert the last wipe. The only reason you should wipe levels is if 1 company finds some exploit that allows them to level super fast, you wipe their levels sure.. but not the whole server.. theres plenty of people including me who were leveling 100% legit and got their levels wiped.
  6. cannons or barrel bombs, i destroy large ship yards all the time.. make a brig with like 12-20 cannons all pointed the same way, ez. It's pretty priceless when you find a near complete gally still on the shipyard and just destroy the shipyard to insta sink it lmao.
  7. This was probably suggested before, but why not.. its already in atlas shouldn't be hard to implement.
  8. I realized they do give xp but its such a small amount you only notice it at very low levels.
  9. I mean it's too early to be complaining
  10. uhh can't you wait another 2 hours when it's released.. tf?
  11. This is something I thought of roughly. Maybe there can be circles in the water, mermaid sized or bigger that show on the world map. You can pull a ship in and camp these zones for xp or gold or something useful. When someone is in one of the zones it indicates that on the map. There should probably only be 1 that changes location within the golden age grids every couple hours. If the benefit is big enough, there could be huge sea battles over them
  12. I played solo the last few weeks of season 3 but I also played in a mega, I have a max level brig, and about 25ish undisturbed large storage containers almost purely of raided/stolen stuff and that's even with most of the raw resources from sunken ships condensed into planks and not taking most bps/songs I was in the process of getting legend/mythic parts for my brig through trading when the news came of wipe and gave up on that. I had containers full of barrel bombs, nades, oil jars, cannon balls ect all in lawless grids hidden and scattered everywhere so even if something was found it didn't really matter... so if you're a small company that's how you have to operate, you can't have a known, out in the open base location.
  13. if it means more action bring it on but I'm saying they dont really have to because megas are the only competition of megas
  14. almost everything in the trailer is in the game and the graphics do look like that on decent pcs.. You must really hate blizzards trailers that are usually 100% cgi and nothing ingame at all.
  15. as someone who was/is in a mega I can tell you that our main enemies were always other megas, everyone else is just too easy
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