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  1. I played solo the last few weeks of season 3 but I also played in a mega, I have a max level brig, and about 25ish undisturbed large storage containers almost purely of raided/stolen stuff and that's even with most of the raw resources from sunken ships condensed into planks and not taking most bps/songs I was in the process of getting legend/mythic parts for my brig through trading when the news came of wipe and gave up on that. I had containers full of barrel bombs, nades, oil jars, cannon balls ect all in lawless grids hidden and scattered everywhere so even if something was found it didn't really matter... so if you're a small company that's how you have to operate, you can't have a known, out in the open base location.
  2. if it means more action bring it on but I'm saying they dont really have to because megas are the only competition of megas
  3. almost everything in the trailer is in the game and the graphics do look like that on decent pcs.. You must really hate blizzards trailers that are usually 100% cgi and nothing ingame at all.
  4. as someone who was/is in a mega I can tell you that our main enemies were always other megas, everyone else is just too easy
  5. the games too complicated to get everything right & perfect
  6. I like it personally, but it would lead to a mega or 2 being able to wipe anyone out on the map that they want at any time and effectively take over completely.. Offenses are stronger than defenses. I was in a mega and we were in a long 'cold war' on season 3 because are main enemy was on the other side of the map and neither of us wanted to sail that far to raid.
  7. If you want people on the ocean.. there you go. Everyone onboard a ship gains xp from ship of the damned kills.
  8. once something similar happened to me in the beginning of season 1 so I immediately sailed to all of our enemies and told them their base location, then joined a diff company and went back a day or 2 later and found them raided, haven't seen them since, haha get rekt LF 555 fgts
  9. Wipes are good for the game, it brings people back and I think even established large companies enjoy rebuilding. Leveling and getting all the discoveries again is the only real 'ugh' part, it would be nice if we could at least keep discoveries and powerstones.
  10. Any word or guess on when the next wipe is? Games still in 'early access' so there's going to be at least one more eventually.
  11. the meta doesn't have to do with what you use as a weapon but how you properly use everything in the game to your advantage.. it's a figure it out yourself or join a company that knows it kind of thing.
  12. First, if you live in lawless, that's pvp central.. you might get lucky and last awhile there but that's where everyone goes looking for easy raids and fights.. Your first step in atlas should be joining one of the biggest companies. I quit not because of player behavior, in fact in season 3 I only lost 1 brig and my bases were never attacked. I quit because everything you do takes so long.. want to go whaling? ok it'll take 30 mins outfitting a ship, 2 hours sailing toward the poles, an hour or 2 looking for whales, 2 hours sailing back.. now 6 hours passed and all you did was kill a whale or 2. It just sucks time up, which is good in the way that it is addictive but it's bad if you value your time.
  13. just took this on NA PVP it still exists https://gyazo.com/b100f995a4e37d235f1a1ef9a7fc9fc3
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