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  1. dtmaster

    workaround Problems with MODs / Cannot lern Engram

    this on ecos discord is not correct.. in the announce for the devkit is it correct.. when you use grid server in .json file.. not ini's..
  2. Sure, that's annoying. But we can not change that or give you back your resources. This is not possible. You have to clarify that with the one who owns the server.
  3. dtmaster

    workaround Problems with MODs / Cannot lern Engram

    You must not write the Mod ID in the GameUserSettings.ini . Only in json. And never use on Ark or Atlas Server the Default inis. Only the Ini's in saved/<gridnumber>/config/WindowsServer/ And ModId only in ServerGrid.json File.
  4. That's a good question. I guess it's not because of Indiaman. Because myself and many on my server use the Indiaman. And all very often drive across grid borders. No Indiaman has been lost so far. Of course it could be a bug. But since it has not occurred in any one yet, I can hardly imagine that. I also do not know what we should fix there.
  5. The snap points are not all set up yet. We are still working on it. There are a lot and that unfortunately takes a bit. In addition, we still have a life outside of games and mods.
  6. dtmaster

    mod Atlas Plus Beta (1.1.3)

    AtlasPlus is a mod in which the vanilla objects and structures have been changed. All Items and Structures can be PickUp Mod includes : Wood, Stone, Thatch Structures (All have more Health) Stone Structures Have Old Crafting Costs Bow and Arrows with Old and +Stats Metal Hatchet, Pick and Sickle with more Durability Glass Structures (Ceiling, Door, Roof, Walls) Smithy, MortarAndPestle, Loom, Tannery, Forge (All Vanilla Items can be Craft Inside) Food Larder, Preserving Bags, Feeding Trough with Higher Spoiling Time, Bigger Stacks Lantern without Durability WallHook Large and Small StorageBox with More Slots Grill with more Slots and without Meat an Fish Autocraft CookingPot and Campfire New Medium and XL Gates and Gateways in Wood and Stone 4 Barrels for Alcohol (Beer, Met, Red Wine, Rum) and the Skill Brew Master (Snap on Vanilla Pipes) Many New Recipes for Cooking Fix for Gunpowder and Fertilizer Bug Upcoming features : Overhaul from Vanilla Ships New Structures for Overhaul Vanilla Ships New Wood Structures Ship Wood Structures that can Place on Land New Glass Structures (The old ones stay in the mod) Many More Bug correction This mod is stackable. If you like the mod then please vote on Steam. Atlas Plus Beta (v1.1.3)
  7. have you in your gus.ini set the dinoCount? when yes then delete this setting..
  8. dtmaster

    Atlas Devkit Broken

    Devkit is not Broken. You can not copy files from the game to the dev kit. That does not work. And you do NOT edit the original files in the dev kit. Always in the mod folder to make a folder for your mod and the files to be changed as purely copy or child. Look at tutorials.
  9. dtmaster

    spawn commands

    the PrimalItemXXX_ after GFI not Needed.. Exemple: cheat gfi wood_pine 10 0 0
  10. have you open seamles ports in firewall from server? and have you in your bat files the seamles ip?
  11. have you put the bp for the hull to the shipyard inventory and have you set the inventory in the hull bp primalitem_ship_yourshipname bp as crafting requiement? ps: If you need someone to test I will be happy to provide. Hope I could help you. if there are other problems can also write me.
  12. Hi. I would be interested to know why each grid has a different age. Or is it because I added some grids later?
  13. dtmaster

    Mod Suggestions

    @Tarvald load the Devkit and make this self..
  14. dtmaster

    New Atlas App ID?

    version 15.35 is not in steam depot. the app id is not change.