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  1. Hi, vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen.. Ich habe mein Max Level auf dem Server auf 250 gestellt.. Dazu habe ich eingestellt das man ohne discoverys nur bis level 200 kommen kann.. Wenn man jetzt Discoverys entdeckt geht das max level von 200 nicht höher.. im gegenteil.. jedesmal wenn es um ein level höher gehen müsste geht es um ein level runter.. Bin da grad etwas verwirrt.. Viele Grüße
  2. Have you Read the Text in First Post?????
  3. I think they hope to go back to the Official Server.
  4. The problem is that they won't give it to us afterwards. Until it was released, some of them had shut down their servers because they were not running. Do you really believe that the servers go on and already give them out? And the argument that you can see all the islands etc. and know where something is .. The official map up to now is in the grid editor.
  5. This is only additional in the text. I don't think the map (ServerGrid.json) will be released immediately after the map is released. It will take a long time. And when Atlas started in December 2018, the entire map as json was in the ServerGrid Editor. I understand that it cannot be released before the server starts. But then see above. I was hoping to get my server ready with the Official Map tonight. But it is now 4 in the morning.
  6. If you had done what is in the first post a few days earlier. It would have been better to prepare yourself, etc. But as always. 5 minutes before.
  7. @Jat @Dollie Why do you always make the same mistakes? Aren't you really happy with the total number of players? It's no secret that these are at an absolute low. You just have to look at the steamdb. But you also don't learn anything. You failed to start the game. There were already a lot of negative comments etc. Then you had forgotten to patch out the ARK menu beforehand. This gave rise to rumors and the community was even more upset. The number of players continued to fall. But you failed to communicate again. Why didn't you put it right? Why the menu was there etc. Why didn't you explain to the players why ATLAS should not become a DLC from ARK. You preferred to remain silent and leave it like that. It would have been so easy. And it kept going and going downhill, etc. A lot has happened in the game. But the number of players has not recovered. Now you try to turn the helm around again. A new world map. A changed concept that sounds pretty good, etc. In addition to the mods that are available, etc. But as we have seen today, you always upset the community. Things that could be done quickly to please the community are simply oversleeping or take a long time. I understand that you don't want to release the ServerGrid file for unofficial before the start of your server. But if they are on, it should be possible. I'm afraid it will take forever. The people who have their own server, no matter if 3x3 or 15x15) will not play on the official servers anyway. We have been waiting for a DevKit update for a long time. With all these things you make the community feel that you don't care. Then what is the result? Even fewer players. Is it worth it? Is it worth the effort and stress you had in advance of this game? Was that your goal with all the internal things that went so wrong? Success would have been desirable. But collaboration with the community and communication doesn't really work. It's a shame. The game didn't deserve that. And sorry for the English. It comes from google translate.
  8. Servergrid.json is not provided. At least not at the moment. So wait forever because it will be forgotten, etc. We know the game.
  9. But where is the ServerGrid.json file? Because without it, I cannot host the map on my server.
  10. @w4stedspace I'm afraid so too. We unofficial will have to wait again. Wildcard has not learned to communicate properly with Ark so far and Grapeshot makes exactly the same mistakes.
  11. If everything goes as always then yes .. But only in 2 years.
  12. Will the new map as json also be available on the github for unofficial servers?
  13. this on ecos discord is not correct.. in the announce for the devkit is it correct.. when you use grid server in .json file.. not ini's..
  14. Sure, that's annoying. But we can not change that or give you back your resources. This is not possible. You have to clarify that with the one who owns the server.
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