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  1. I've been suffering a lot of failed hand-offs on grid crossings this weekend, as well. Thankfully so far no ill-fated encounters during such. But It's been at least one per trip out of home-grid for whatever resource run.
  2. Just to do a follow-up. I spawned in a Brig within a SP session, and was able to build it up while it sat anchored identically to how I built it on Official in the shipyard with no complications. But now on official I can't replace any parts. ...what.
  3. I couldn't find a real answer to this. It frustratingly appears that the structure limit on ships is reduced after your release them from the shipyard? I have a brig that had a jank wall I missed before launch, and I can't replace it due to structure limit now. Do we know how much it changes by, as it clearly seems to? I popped a superfluous storage box and a couple structurally irrelevant ceilings, and it still can't take anymore parts. Feeling like I should just scuttle the damn thing and start over.
  4. Arrows and bolts gone and can't be crafted. That's kind of special...
  5. Some metal required would be fine, every island can offer at least a trickle of metal. But sap is not something that is universally available, and makes the organic paste requirement frustrating for some. And that's not going into the nerf to stone tier as well.
  6. A thought as to how to address people not being satisfied with the decay rates, while also not wanting to turn freeports into a clusterflock. Let people store their ships in drydock at cost. The vessel ghosts out/unloads, will not decay but can't be used, and any contents in containers will be lost/dropped. To get it back requires a fee based on the hull-type, level, and duration left in drydock. There could also be a time/price cap, which if exceeded, the vessel is lost as the harbor seizes it to cover the fees.
  7. I spitballed on this with a friend whos already better established then I am. They could have claims be easier to contest the more you have, representing your influence and infrastructure being spread thing. So someone who has hundreds of claims, only gets like 60 seconds to stop the contesting of one, working back to the current standard for something like 10 or less.
  8. From how many I saw on the trip to meet up with some friends from the Freeport, there might be a bit of an overspawn issue. It's like certain surprise apex creatures in Ark. One random wyvern wakes you up but isn't the end of the world. A swarm dropping on your base is a bit of a headache.
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