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  1. now when servers are back up al the property is claimed, i read trough forum a lot of ppl lost a lot of stuff so i dont know what developers are rly thinking with this patch but revert the server until before this patch will be the best thing to do if they dont wanna loose a lot of players becouse this is bullshit, u spend money on game and time and while servers is down after patch u loose all u had .. rly bad face
  2. its not only this its like 255 ping all the time, and then dc in few seconds of gaming
  3. Hello guys, im playing with my friends for about week now and we had some lags before but today ever after the latest patch its been unplayble high ping and disconnects with this msg every few seconds , we are playing on PVE global server so i have no idea whats the issue its been like that for 4 hours now, that happens to both me and my friend and we are not even from same country, we started traveling yestarday from e9 to i5 so i dont know if changing the zones have something to do with that, are those zones on North side like NA servers?
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