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  1. Have a "Bulk Merchant NPC". NPC would only purchase or sell goods in "full stacks" NPC would maintain a set inventory of materials that is shared by whole free-port zone. NPC would maintain a market price of goods based on volume of trade. Goods prices would be adjusted accordingly; Sales would be +20%, Purchases would be -20% of market price. When interacting with the Merchant the initial information will be a Transaction Quote. Transactions would be placed in a queue, to prevent abuse. When the transaction end of queue it gives actual prices and a 15 second timer to accept. This could be started with a very simple implementation, by only allowing the generic versions of each item; Fiber Thatch Wood Sap Metal Alloy Flint Coal Stone Crystal Gem Salt Hide Keratinoid Oil Please consider this. It would really add a huge boost to the game with honestly MINIMAL EFFORT. It would: ...It would give a baseline for ALL in-game trading. ...It would allow any player who wanted to be any kind of merchant a starting point. ...allow captains a place to stock up on materials in a safer place. ...drive the sailing and adventure of the game without hours of grinding. ...allow for a somewhat smooth movement of money from gold-makers to material-producers ...encourage people to interact more, not flee from each other in the water. ...bridge the gap between large companies and small.
  2. 1.) The costs aren't bad if you have cooking herbs, but you will need to do some exploring and trading. 2.) the amounts made is fine, and they've already increased the preserving time substantially. 3.) Cooking an water has issues. When a recipe calls for water it will always consume a full container. This needs to change. 4.) Chickens work fine. 5.) We need to cook filler meals, or combinations. So that we can eat meals that balance vitamins with what we have. Not specific recipes something that is short lived but can be a mix of things.
  3. Developers Please! THERE MUST BE A scale-able penalty for character size. A FUCKING DRUNK ARMORED MIDGET ARMY ON BEAR CARTS IS Exceptionally Over powered. This shouldn't be rocket science, but there a penalty for physical size. Speed, strength, and so on penalties. What do the Dev's say?
  4. Cannon carts are significantly overpowered at the moment. Cart pulling animals should get a combat penalty and a movement penalty. Right now a bear is just as agile with a cart on, as off. They fight just as hard and as effectively. Cannons should not be fire-able unless the cart is stopped and deployed. When deployed the cart should be in a fixed position. Swivels could be fired while moving but should have a horrible spread. When deployed, no penalty. Animals pulling carts should have a movement penalty upwards of 50%, and or possibly not being able to run up steep surfaces. This is one of many small adjustments that need to be made.
  5. Apologizes; PvP should in all fairness be the primary concern... I'm not a fan of PvE in games like this but I'm not about to complain to much.
  6. On the official servers. Large Boxes and storage chests HAVE NO LOCK. Resource Boxes, Doors and Gates Start Locked by default.
  7. This is unacceptable. This person got inside our base, magically un-pin coded several containers and then blew up the ones that were "Locked". How can I even report this bastard?
  8. Storage Chests and Large Boxes NEED A LOCK!!!! There are to many hackers that can brute force or bypass a pin-code. They need a lock plain and simple. Make it a second item to attach, Make it the default. BUT DO IT NOW! Many companies in B-11 have been hit just in the last 2-3 days and God only knows across the whole game. MAKE THIS SHIT LOCK!!!!! RIGHT NOW, NEXT PATCH IN 20 MINS! THERE IS NO EXCUSE ON THE PART OF THE DEVS NOT TO MAKE A TEMP CHANGE TO PROTECT THE GAME AS A WHOLE.
  9. There is a song that buffs gold finding.
  10. I've ruined many peoples day who were in full metal armor with 2 bites from a bear.... so what is this about lions and tigers?
  11. At a minimum, bump the stack size. Or allow for some expensive long term storage "Kibble" for the animals. 10 fish, 10 meat, 10 fruit, 10 veg = 10 kibble (no decay)
  12. I agree with this. Idiots who know nothing of making saddles ride them all the time. People fire weapons who know virtually nothing about them. Most of the usage skills should be under the survival tree, while crafting should be more expensive and seperate.
  13. Can you please fix the company ship not showing it's name. I have no clue what "Company Ship 5859476283750" is. We give them names so we have a chance to understand what the fuck is going on. Thank you.
  14. New Ability: Bury Treasure. - Allows a player to bury a an amount of Gold, along with a number of items commensurate with the gold buried. -- Unlocked by Able Map Maker, improve with additional levels. (determines scale of map and size of X marking the map.) Requires 1 Storage box Must contain gold. May contain up to several other items. Maps can never be destroyed. Treasure cannot be dug up without the map in possession. Treasure can only be buried in non-company or non-allied owned land. Treasure may not be claimed if original company owns land. As a side note: Maps that are "lost at sea" will become a random floating bottle in the ocean.
  15. Can you please for the love of GOD. FIX THE STUPID FONT! DON'T LET IT SCALE. DON'T MAKE IT TRANSPARENT! It's very hard to already identify shit in this game. But when I do see a name, DON"T MAKE IT SCALE when i look through a fucking spy glass. Allow us at the very least to set the font size ourselves and the transparency levels. This is maddening. On a final note, Just let us choose a font. I know you all are so happy with your piratey font selection but it is shit for reading.
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