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    I've spent a considerable amount of time, searching, and saving probably a hundred+ appropriate images to fit the theme of ATLAS, meticulous placement on sails of correct shape, and have done full body tattoo placements. (Note: It would have been nice if the devs had not cut the body front/back skins, in the middle of prime visibility arm shoulder tattoo areas, but oh well)
  2. Nemesis851


    Sail, Flag, and Tattoo Designs
  3. It would be appreciated (going all the way back to ARK) if in ATLAS the paint files applied to the sails were 100% opaque (with no gloss or transparency) Compare region painted black, to next that is file loaded black (looks gray silver) I too would like to see attachable flags to our mast (eg the small triangle style, representing battles) But the paints need to be true, not glossed
  4. Yes. You just have to cut and position the image according to the template spots in the 256 Remember to not change the dimension, otherwise things will appear shrunken, or stretched
  5. Where is the OCTOPUS that hugs you and keeps you warm, or constricts your under water movement (like encumbered)
  6. STILL WAITING : Looking for an OFFICIAL explanation of how the Land/Water Territory Flags are 'supposed' to work. Eg. A) Newly placed on virgin land, is incontestable for X time B) If all members of the Company are asleep(offline) IN the zone, then Territory (same Region) can / can not be contested ? C) Is there a difference between all members asleep in the zone, in the region, verses being on a different server/region (asleep or active)? D) To keep control of a Territory, does SOMEONE in the Company need to be ONLINE 24 / 7 / 365 ? E) How do we IRL sleep, and not lose territory InGame F) How would that be possible in PvE (with all members IRL in same TimeZone, or small companies, solo'ists, people that have a day job? Logging in the next day after sleeping, or finishing work, to find out; less than 24 hours since you ran over all your properti(es), it was claimed while you AFK'd, not cool. Finally - I would really recommend having a dev install the ARK mod : RPG Town Plots and review how you have to "work" to build an empire The mechanics it uses would free up so much land, and functions in both a PvP and PvE environment. (Note: The images don't show the mechanics of growing your territory larger) If adopted, I would recommend every person gets to have one starter plot, aprox 4x4 foundations. If they join a Company, they can retain their landstake, or pull up roots and travel, and expand as a group. By forcing the player to pull up roots, or letting it decay, it frees abandoned land for new players, travelers, or companies that want to set up a new FOB, or outpost. Upcoming changes in v10: - Claim Flags now allow a "Neutral Zone" setting which allows any other tribes to build within them, with the specified tax rate applied to them. You are also able to specify an inclusion or exclusion list to these, to only allow or exclude specific company ID's / player ID's. All claim flags will have this enabled as a default setting when placed, and this will also be a retroactive change. However, it will not function until Wednesday the 9th of January at NOON EST, where we will release another server update to make Neutral Zones active. This means you will have two days, from Monday to Wednesday, to decide and adjust the settings on your claim flag before the change is live. - Enemy Claim Flags can now be directly pinged to identify any contesting enemies nearby, and the time required to steal an enemy claim now decreases the more Claims that enemy team has.
  7. Look over and consider the method used by ARK mod RPG Town Plots it works. It makes you work to expand your empire, not just drop a claim https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894364745 Should work in both a PvP or PvE environment Thanks
  8. The original Google link from Jeremey Wildcard will likely never be accessible again. As every time someone attempts to see it, it just adds to the overlimit viewing of the file. Our best hope now is someone posts it somewhere that doesn't count how many times its downloaded (eg. Steam Servers) I can say though it appears it's the 5.9 (current) build as of this moment Mind you it might become available (No I have no access)
  9. I knew I should have started DL'ing as soon as I saw this. Eat breakfast second. Making cofefe now. Waiting for the original google to timeout, or alternate DL to appear. Thanks
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