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    "Rename Ship" Option Broken

    @Jatheish Are there any plans for making it an option for Private servers to be able to set up renaming, even if it requires an Admin to do so would be nice. a lot of people on our cluster have tried naming their ships using Characters not recognized by the game, and it would be nice to fix that so its not showing up like " Nj[]r[]r" or something similar. a lot of us want to use old Deities for our ship names but a lot of those characters (especially in Norse names) aren't recognized.
  2. SiCKxZenithx

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    so far lookin good.... still would like to be able to RENAME SHIPS.... or at the very least, allow private server admins to be able to rename ships!!!!
  3. SiCKxZenithx

    red alert bug Red Alert BUG CAUSES CRASH

    This IS on a Private Server, Files have all been recently validated with no issues (I do this often with Early Access games) and I also have a Rig that is more than capable of playing Atlas with 5 instances open at the same time if I wanted to. The Bug that Crashes: At the Helm of the ship, already anchored, and one of 3 people on the server at the time (others were on other end of server). Held N to have all crew dismount cannons and swivels (approximately 70 crew) one I let go of N the crew dismounts, and I can no longer dismount the helm, go into inventory, issue another command, Nothing.... then about 15 secs later the game times out and will not let me back in for about another 5 mins. this has occurred to me at least 5 times in the last 2 days. the other players did not experience any sort of lag, disconnection, or crash of any sort while this happened to me. this is a very handy command in combat and just as handy when anchoring the ship for a while to save on a little gold. Please fix this bug!!!
  4. SiCKxZenithx

    suggestion Add flags to Ship's Masts

    yea, having both Pennants (long skinny triangular flags), triangular flags (slightly elongated, but not as much as the pennant) and regular rectangular flags would all be nice
  5. As with any sailing ship, they had their colors flown either atop their masts and/or flown from the Stern. I am suggesting an Equippable Flag which may be flown atop the Masts of our ships and/or from the Stern of the ship. these flags will be plain canvas like the sails and can be painted with custom templates. this will add another layer of customization and allow Roleplaying companies and private servers another layer of realism. adding a hoisting the colors animation would also be an added bonus. this would add an inventory item slot for sails and/or the ship that can only be filled with the above mentioned flag. the flag would have to be customizable in the players inventory for this to have the intended effect. and would have to be removeable so flags can be swapped out (so a flag can be lowered to raise a pirate flag or a surrender flag and vice versa) allowing flags to be reusable.