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  1. Or you can just get a brain and lure them away to another persons place... just sayin
  2. allow us to dissable certain resources collection... like HOW IS THIS NOT A THING?
  3. How to beat aim botters? Ez you just uninstall
  4. To the OP, how about not playing on laweless?
  5. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll all get a hat skin that no one wanted or ever used in the first place just like last time XD
  6. You clearly don't understand my post
  7. Which one of your devs decided it was a good idea to have 40 cannon schooners sailing around? Ships were fine as they where, the weight reduction had already given them a huge buff. Heavy cannons were fine where they were earlier, all they needed was an extra 100kg of weight added to each cannon but instead you decided to do a 30% dmg reduction which is now totally negated with the additional ship lvl buff. Who's your lead balancer? Do you even have one? Cause right now it seems like a monkey can do a better job.
  8. Dodo

    EU PvP L 11

    After 4-5 crashes/rollbacks server is now down and not coming back up EDIT: Nvm it's back but still in a crash/rollback loop
  9. Dodo

    Resource Spawn

    Recent patch although stated hasn't resolved respawns in EU PvP zone L 11.
  10. Hey, at least you can play unlike soooooooooooo many others
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