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  1. Sprint is toggled on the controller. cannot attack while sprinting.
  2. I have one.... Where is skill to use it, nothing in artillery line.
  3. Wondering how to use fine cannon blueprint cannot find skill to use it. I can make cannons seems to be no skill for this. is it tools?
  4. Tested this Fov Still changes going into and out of combat in first person. This fixed camera shake gathering but not the fov switch in combat.
  5. Even with fov slider maxed the fov changes when going in and out of combat. that setting did reduce it not remove, the camera shake is something else
  6. Slider all the way left camera still shakes. Just tested mining, logging, herb gathering all have camera shake in First-person. SLIDER DOES NOT END IT!
  7. These adjustments do not stop the shaking. THOUGHT THE DEV LEARNED THEIR MISTAKES FROM ARK THIS WAS A BIG ONE!
  8. Fov slider only reduces it same as camera scale slider.
  9. STOP with the camera shake, give us a way to disable it. Completely! STOP CHANGING FOV in First person! Who ever the person was who added it to the game needs to be kicked in the crotch!
  10. Freeport first steps. 1. gather some thatch, stone, then punch a tree till you get enough mats to make a stone pick 2. use pick to make flint, make stone ax. 3. gather mats for raft and have it built. 4. die 5. respawn, now gather mats for bed, place on raft 6. leave Freeport
  11. I have 9 crewmembers, 2 level 14, the rest level 4.captaineering skills up to improved efficient repairs. Ship resource box filled with 1000 wood, 250 metal, 400 hide, 100 thatch, 200 fiber THEY DO NOTHING.
  12. Sailing a schooner with gun ports, Only the right side will open using the "R" key.
  13. This, still cannot connect or join any server.
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