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  1. Knowing the impending doom of the chinese attacking at 5am.
  2. Thats awesome, They need to advertise once the servers up and stable.
  3. I'm worried the server is going to be shit like it has before.
  4. What side of the island is a good spot to get to the foy?
  5. I wouldn't hope for it yet because the game needs alot more fixes before even thinking of console.
  6. Fair enough, I understand the frustration with it. So the reason why they add this new content is because its simple and doesn't require alot of coding compared to fixing bugs. They are different teams working on different corners of the atlas world. Fixing bugs is a problem child of any game development. I'm dealing with that on a company I work with. I'm a 3D Modeler and our programmers have bugs that been in game for years due to the previous team not fixing their base engine code. It's a custom engine. I know Atlas is using Unreal but they could still edit main edits on the source.
  7. We paid to play early we can't be super pissed if things are not going well due to us pretty much agreeing to play a buggy game. There is a disclaimer when you look at it on the steam page. I know its a pain. I've dealt with some dumb things in this game. Getting stuck in floors, dying to alphas that glitch me into their bodies.
  8. A idea for sap on some islands a root that could be harvested with a shovel or a pickaxe would be great for tundra or any island in general due to the nature of roots or maybe using rotten meat to ferment in the persevering bag to create some kind of oil/sap substance. Also it seems the gathering rates have went back to 1x instead of the standard 2x.
  9. This can instill some confidence. Are you guys planning on coming out with some upgraded stone walls? Like Metal Reinforced walls?
  10. What would you like to see in a pirate game?
  11. I know what you mean with the offline protection. We lost about 9 people on our small crew of 15. The rest of us merged into a bigger crew. It sucks but we are early in development with this game so hopefully they come up with a solution to it.
  12. I do agree to a certain extent with ya unofficial's are good but some people enjoy the pvp they get when they are online and can fight a big company and actually win/lose against em depending on skills and building. We had to merge into a bigger crew/company due to the offlining but now we can enjoy the game more and have the fun of people working together getting maps/foy/stones/capturing land. It's a whole different game now.
  13. I thought I was going crazy also. I noticed I barely get anything from trees like 13 fiber on a plant.
  14. I work with BPG as a 3D modeler. The game is free to play and is growing steadily.
  15. Darkfall is still alive thanks to Big Picture Games. Riseofagon.com
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