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  1. its a good idea with 50% off as well 50-75% of the players are not returning it seems
  2. oh dont worry people will rush back in after server wipe-major patch coming, and it will be the same ol thing, some will get land-some will go back to griefing-and rest not getting land will go away till next thing
  3. well lawless + foundations works different then regular islands as they dont block same radius Also small test we did on the island we settled on we built a small 4x4 foundation middle of a island and it killed off all spawn in a circle around it + we had the luxury of people that moved in only settled on the coast with small buildings to build stuff and talked with the people that came to the island and when they saw they killed of metal-stone spawn they moved their foundations and shipyards to let them spawn again As many are afraid the new system will bring in people that will just build and kill off the rare spawns on island that is also my main concern , people will build huge houses/foundation platforms and go screaming bloody murder when resources stop spawning , people need to be educated that overbuilding at islands will effect their resources at one point
  4. they might as well unlock or give everyone max lvl-skill points so people can try different kinds of things and have fun untill the wipe , at the moment there is a small hardcore population on that will run outa steam at one point and the servers will be barren
  5. i fear some islands just gonna be spammed filled with buildings-pillars-foundations and will kill off the local spawn of resources , they are moving ahead but this seems to this fix gonna just be intresting to see in effect , ah well give it time and see i guess, just wish the wipe was now and not in the future , numbers of players are just plain gone
  6. yes the shotgun schooners-brigs are the most ugly thing i see, however as its so effective i caved in and made one myself, taking no damage and not having to run all over the ship to look for the planks taking damage is making the game it more fun to hunt the sotd, but now i stopped as return of hunting sotd is not worth it and that again caused the population of SOTD to become a problem due to their numbers and no one bothering to hunt them anymore As some mentioned fixed gun placements might be a solution , tho then they also need to add different kind of planks : lightweight-medium-heavy with different kinds of resistances/weight properties , to counter that people are exchanging broadsides with a target
  7. yeah speed up decay on parked ships that has been sitting for week + some islands as some been saying in other posts looks like more like a salvage yard of ships as people got 5+ ships and no one of the company is around anymore, making some islands near impossible to land at cause all the anchor spots are taken by ships no one is using anymore
  8. yeah the whole expired map is bogus explanation, i run around where we have settled, and each night random bottles respawn and the higher quality ones are 80% of the time just vanish into thin air and not register
  9. yeah its sadly not that fun to do them , sure you get the occasional good bp, and high lvl crew, but there it stops, heck i stopped hunting them as i find them to be waste of time , there is a reason why people get maps on thursday-friday, come 2x weekend its when people are on and doing maps as hunting SOTD is more a novelty-annoyance if they are in the way
  10. one of mine is stuck saluting me all the time, making it really hilarous as i was testing that npc on follow, then another bug kicked in with the npc and it was on - weight and slowed down to a crawl so checked inventory and nothing saying -0 of x weight ended up firering said crew member
  11. plenty of SOTD but its just not worth it taking them down at one point , our little region of space has increased with alot of sotd but dwindling player base and well as said not worth the return taking them down means they will keep getting to be more to a point where its either dealt with or well people keep avoiding them
  12. well if they want the rush of players back , they will wipe on landmark patches i guess, but then it also be a major patch-change to the game-items we have now
  13. should be a purple lookin soup on his start inventory all way below to the right
  14. sigh yeah its bad, they need to add decay ramp up the longer the ships idle, heck i have people living beside me and they not been on for almost 3 weeks , my ships taken more damage in storms then their combined in the time they not been on
  15. just had to do c6 foy and well time to remove ships -.- there is hundred of ships blocking any hope to get anchored
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