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  1. Dev's botched this one me thinks. My theory is that it was meant to be 1200 not 1200 max but it was mistakenly set at 800. If it was meant to be 1200 max surely they would have stated the "MAX" in patch notes but why would thay put in a max weight and not give a starting weight as that matters more seeing as you have yet to add levels.
  2. Stealth radius edit. "They forgot to put it in the patch notes"... OR... "Was done by accident and we will fix it" You decide...
  3. Same for me. Character stuck on a different server though. Can't spawn due to this. Can not make a new character either so pretty much stuck at this point. So much for testing on the test server...
  4. Cant help but say that if you played the game 2hrs from release and dont have a land claim then you did something really wrong at the start. Also by fresh starts do you mean new character?
  5. Titanoboas where the worst thing on ARK. They bugged through everything, fell on you through ceilings in caves. So lets add them to this game... Yes even make smaller ones... Sounds like a great idea. Of all the things they could have added. Snakes should not have been on the list.
  6. So all the people that complain they have no land because of this, that or the other will now be able to claim land easier now. This is a good thing for the most part... BUT... give it a few weeks and they will be crying again because they were offline for three days and lost it again. All theses fixes now make anything claimable if inactive for three DAYS... Well done folks...
  7. O5 grid on the EU-PVE used to be Eastern Temperate and is now Eastern Tropical. It was always Temperate until recently so I hope its a bug an not permanent.
  8. Not just you. Have seen a few of these myself.
  9. Yes its all a lie... lol I must be in a different game to you. There is a much easier way to kill Alphas but it will be lies to so no point in telling you that i supose...
  10. Headshots with a carbine rifle and it takes about 6 to 8 shots.
  11. This happens to me some times and just happened a few mins ago... Two biomes in one. Gotta love atlas sometimes...
  12. In options- advanced settings tick "Chat show steam name" then when you look at someone even works on spyglass its shows their steam name also... Quick shift-tab click view players and there ya go... thats the persons steam account to report.
  13. Yeah. We pulled into a freeport yesterday to get some supplies. Got our ship parked and dropped anchor and as soon as I left the wheel and looked to my left... BOOM a random ship imploded and sank in a sea of bubbles... . It was anchored also so if you do anchor at a freeprort dont hang around too long... Although we did strip the wreck clean in like 2 mins...
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