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  1. Woulfe

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    This game isn't close to release, true release isn't even on the horizon yet, if you thought for a minute that there would not be a wipe, or several before the beta testing is done then you simply deluded yourself, Oh BTW when it does finally realease as an official game, guess what, WIPE INCOMING lol
  2. Woulfe

    Lazy Fix

    I don't use glitches, never knew about the weight glitch til they fixed it, but to be able to anchor your ship on the coast of an island and make it unreadable by someone without a cannon is defeating the idea of the game. This isn't battleship, this is a pirate game and as a pirate I should be able to sneak on to your ship and steal shit, now I can't. The premise of the game has been changed base on dev laziness. Wrong, they made this change on PVP as well
  3. Woulfe

    Lazy Fix

    So one of the answers to griefing (sinking a ship by overcrowding it) is that we can't board enemy ships now ? Oh and if you try you get stuck on them with no way off but to die. Last I checked Pirates boarded enemy ships!!! You just destroyed the theme of the game. How about you try a little harder for a better fix instead of this lazy half-asses answer.