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  1. OK so my game just crashed ands now it doesn't show me as having a character anywhere. WTF ?
  2. Woulfe

    Honey giving Sap

    I'm not in freeport
  3. Woulfe

    Honey giving Sap

    SO where do you get Honey if not from the thing that says it is Honey and looks like honeycomb
  4. Woulfe

    Honey giving Sap

    Why does a resource that says it is honey when you look at it and hold h give you sap when you harvest it ?
  5. Woulfe

    Ramshackle sloop

    I just made a sloop in freeport minuted before the post it started at 800 weight not 1200 not 1600 800 plain and simple and it stupid
  6. Woulfe

    Ramshackle sloop

    Why the weight reduction on a Ramshackle slopp, 800 lbs is crap can't get a start with anything with that weight
  7. Woulfe

    Aging Rate

    Nothing stupid about my reference, and I see nothing wrong with 365 game days + 1 year, that's not much time in game
  8. Woulfe

    Aging Rate

    Day 143 and I'm 32 years old, can someone there at wild car please look around your cubicle and see if you can find a calendar then figure out how it works please.
  9. Woulfe

    Are the discoveries broken?

    Makes sense, it would be quite broken if you could get a discovery point just by changing your home server, max discoveries in about 1/2 a day
  10. Woulfe


    Everything I bola says it doesn't want to be tamed right now, I'm on a lawless island,, Any idea what's going on ?
  11. Woulfe


  12. Woulfe


    So is NAPVP gone until the update? also does anyone know what time of day they will be putting the update out ?
  13. Woulfe

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    This game isn't close to release, true release isn't even on the horizon yet, if you thought for a minute that there would not be a wipe, or several before the beta testing is done then you simply deluded yourself, Oh BTW when it does finally realease as an official game, guess what, WIPE INCOMING lol
  14. Woulfe

    Lazy Fix

    I don't use glitches, never knew about the weight glitch til they fixed it, but to be able to anchor your ship on the coast of an island and make it unreadable by someone without a cannon is defeating the idea of the game. This isn't battleship, this is a pirate game and as a pirate I should be able to sneak on to your ship and steal shit, now I can't. The premise of the game has been changed base on dev laziness. Wrong, they made this change on PVP as well
  15. Woulfe

    Lazy Fix

    So one of the answers to griefing (sinking a ship by overcrowding it) is that we can't board enemy ships now ? Oh and if you try you get stuck on them with no way off but to die. Last I checked Pirates boarded enemy ships!!! You just destroyed the theme of the game. How about you try a little harder for a better fix instead of this lazy half-asses answer.