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  1. im in the north east if you want it just reply and ill PM you my exact location
  2. many blueprints of ranging rarity and quality, and a large stock of mythos/gold for trade message me on this forum with inquiries
  3. third time this has happened today ill be climbing then my screen will go black and ill die instantly, and there is no body to retrieve this is pretty game breaking because high quality treasure maps often require climbing picks and then you sail an hour just to lose the map also climbing picks are a large part of my play ill climb up things then glide to get places faster please fix this asap
  4. I am also unable to connect to any server after playing last night and can see other people are able to connect
  5. maybe its because i was building a galleon there? had it almost finished - EDIT - not sure how to delete this but i actually am just unable to connect to all servers going to search for an answer and maybe start a new topic
  6. i was able to get back in then i tried to sail into the server again and it did the same thing
  7. i also can only connect to eu pve every other official server gives me this same timeout message after having just entered k10 and another person had the same thing happen in the same zone on the same server here
  8. i went down in that exact zone around 30 mins ago and now get lost/timedout connection to host pending connection for all NA and EU servers
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