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  1. As far i know in PVE servers you can harm (with overweight or overcrew) ships only in the anchoring phase (that 15 mins with white anchor sign), and you cant do anything against a ship after its fully anchored (green anchor sign).
  2. First, dont step on the deck, never, it resets the ~21 dayish decay timer. If you think, someone else messing with you and keep boarding that ship once in 1-2 weeks, then try to build a wall around the ship to prevent that action/trolling. After around 2-3 weeks the ship will despawn if none touches it. But, of course, first check your server settings. - If youre on official, the decay timer is around 2-3 weeks. - If youre on unofficial, then there is a chance, that decay system is disabled or the timer is modified. Ask the owner of the server about this, or if she/he is an active player, ask him to help destroy your ship with console commands (probably there is command for deleting something, or a command for adding exiting ships to your company, so you can destroy it by yourself). - If youre playing in local host, then the host probably can use those console commands too.
  3. You can try one thing: 1. first, build a very small 2x2 "pen" near your bear. Not so close, but still in "render distance". Make sure, the path between the pen and your bear is empty and safe. 2. Tame fast a pig, ride it, go to your bear, whistle a neutral stance then a "follow me" command - (youre still riding the pig) -, so your bear will follow the pig. 3. Go to the pen with your pig, and store it there. Make sure, its safe, you can even build a wall around him everywhere. Your bear will start following your pig, but because of this bug, it will/it can not move. Yet. But, if youre and everyone else log out around the bear, next time (or next next time) when someone is around or loging in the server maybe(!) will render your bear first (or faster) then the rock, so it can move and run to your pig before the glitchy rock reappears. In PVE servers this method works too when you claim an animal inside someones base: the claim timer of animals are 8 days, the buildings are 10 days, so if you grabbed someones tames inside their walls, still you have to wait 2 days until you can move them out from that base/location - unless you use this "follow through" strategy, which is ofcourse an another glitch from the game, so be careful. Im not saying this will work 100% in this case, but worth a try.
  4. It should work like the Crew Silo: one per island per company and should collect resource from EVERY farmhouse on the island. Why? First, in PVE no more million bed+shipresbox+foundation trio around every farmhouse. In PVP, more valuable target to loot or guard, take care. Second, if your warehouse stores your materials, you could craft your ship or ship parts faster and easier, so less time on insland more time on the ocean. Is that the goal, right? Spending time on the water, no on the land. Three, no need manage the logistics of the materials from Farmhouse to your base. If its too easy, then assign some pirate npc to the Warehouse, as workers/operators. Like the Thralls in Conan. For example, you needed one npc for one farmhouse/connection, two for collecting from two farm, etc. These npcs should assigned to the warehouses passivly (for example, you bring the npcs near the warehouse, then with the command wheel you should have "assign as operator to the warehouse" option, then the npc should "board" the house). Of course you need feed them and pay them like the other active npc.
  5. Check your screenshot! This settlement/island (The Dancing Haven) is his/her (QWP.M T????), check the upper left info on your picture and the player info in the middle. As everyone else said, the land owners can do almost anything on their land, if you are there without their permission. You have three choices. 1. - Talk to the owner and ask him/her, to allow you to stay and let you build in his/her island. This is the protocol - and this is works - in almost every Settlements. But, even if his/her answer is yes and the owner is really a b*ch, he/she still can destroy your things in the very first 24 hours. So... 2. - ...leave this "doomed" island and find a frienly one, but again, always talk first with the owner there too. 3. - Or, go to Lawless region, find a nice and resource rich place, and rebuild your shipyard and ship. Lawless islands are crowded with abandoned bases and ships, but still can you find a small spot for your starting base. (+1) - start again in freeport, find a some gold in crates/wrecks with ramshackle sloop, then find companies who sells ships and buy one. Of course the 1-2-3 choises are easier and better at the beginning.
  6. Yep, they are angy buts its not a suprise. At least in PVE servers. Sailing in this season is very annoying and battling is almost impossible with these constant rubberbanding and 1-2 sec rollbacks in almost every PVE grid, so - if no must to go anywhere - everyone stays on lands. But, the beachs are blocked with bunch of ramshacke sloops, the islands are full of taming pens/billboards with 20-30 days of decays and foundation+bed combos or with thatch tri-foundation spams, so this lag/rubberbanding is getting worse day by day. Of course the players are angry, in s1, s2 or s3 the situation wasnt so bad, we had lag only in very few grids, not in the whole map.
  7. But first put the bear passive, or it will attack the giraffe as soon as you jump down to feed the giraffe Another good method is, ramming the giraffe with bear, bola down, park your bear away (the giraffe will have aggro on your bear, not on you), and in plate armor with sheild you can crouch toward to the head and feed him. During the feeding always keep up the block (check your keybinding for blocking with the shield) - just in case - so you can minimize the incoming dmg. And always use the best taming food in the process!
  8. Once in every 20-21 day (but once / week is safer) you need "use" your anchored ship, or it will decay/despawn even in or near your harbor/base. Repairing or just jumping in and out sometimes isnt enough to reset the timer. Simply raise, then lower your anchor, in the most cases that will work fine! But if you wanna play safe, raise the anchor, use the wheel, turn the ship 1 degree to left or to right (maybe go backward 1 millimeter), then lower the anchor again.
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