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  1. As long as we're wiping, how about adding 2-3 temperate grids to South America & Africa? Maybe even a couple tropical to Africa to round it out a bit more?
  2. Do we know why they did this to the map? Seems insanely silly to me. Shit, if they wanted fast travel, just add a couple portals to the existing map. I also have no idea how to get to A5-C5. I was told you can get back to Rookie, but you can't bring anything with...so naked. I foolishly tried to sail out of rookie zone, only to go from c4 to c1. Guess you gotta portal and might as well forget all about rookie zone? Or just stay there forever? This kinda seems like just about the dumbest thing you could do, no? Maybe we're all part of some sick experiment...
  3. I think it would help if they stopped making changes that break parts of the game that were working fine.
  4. How is it possible to go so far backwards with a game that seemed to work pretty well like a year ago?
  5. So I don't see the seed or resource vendors in the Freeport. Are they gone from the game now, or hiding somewhere? If they're gone, are there now resources & seeds that cannot be acquired in the game?
  6. I thought I was missing some stuff, but now I'm pretty sure. After visiting some places via fast travel, some of the gear I had in my storage box is missing. Does anyone know the specifics of how/why and how to avoid it?
  7. Since the new map I'm having trouble finding a few things: diamond, shale oil, mineral oil, & naphtha. I don't see these on any of the resource maps I've used before. Has anyone seen these? Thanks!
  8. I wish they'd go back to the single farmhouse instead of all these subtypes. Or maybe if more players would leave them unlocked or share a PIN? Both? Neither?
  9. I've actually had issues with those messages not showing. I try to check for billboards, but doesn't seem like that many companies do that.
  10. They did that to my base before the wipe. I had recently titanic'd my brig and schooner and just got enough $$ to build another schooner...then claim towers came. Are we sure this game isn't all just a big experiment into how shitty people will be to each other given certain options?
  11. OK, so that's now 2 island owners with TONS of space that have said they have too many settlers. Did something change? Is it no longer good to have settlers?
  12. Out of curiosity, why would an island owner with tons of open space not want to add settlers to their island?
  13. Juddo


    OK, so instead of encouraging travel to distant lands, they're encouraging travel to distant...Freeports??? I guess this season salt is the resource you need to travel for?
  14. Juddo


    Wait, are all seeds not available at all seed vendors? Just went to one that only had chili, wheat, rice, and coffee.
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