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  1. D7 is also tame capped. I guess I did my part by not logging in for a few days and my bear & chicken got killed by a snake. You're welcome?
  2. LOL, wake up today to find that at lvl 12 a lvl 60 character murdered me and my 1 tame in our sleep.
  3. After today I'm done with EU PVE. Guess I'll try NA PVP in the hopes that the players will be more forgiving than the game??
  4. Well this makes sense. Just landed on C7 & thought I was doing something wrong when I couldn't even tame a pig or chicken. Boo.
  5. I had the same problem with a bull. I had just tamed a giraffe in the same pen a day before, but maybe it's head stuck out so far that it was ok. /shrug
  6. I'm kind of confused by New World. I saw a ship, but it seems like the whole thing is just about 1 island/landmass. I haven't seen squat about crafting and player housing seems like it will be more cookie-cutter. I wish I could see more of it to get a better idea.
  7. I don't have a gamepad and I have it. Actually blocks the anchor icon...not a fan.
  8. I just experienced this for the 1st time this weekend. My plots were all empty, which i thought was odd, so I added 50-80k. Everything seemed to be going OK, but today they're empty again.
  9. Maybe I missed something, but has anyone else had beds disappear? I've had lawless, owned island, and unowned island beds disappear. Some have been just a bed on a floor tile, others have been a proper outpost. I try to place them in spots where shitty snakes won't get at em, but they're still gone. Is there a timer or anything, or what's going on?
  10. I'm not a fan either. I mean can the atlas tab have everything revealed and the map show where we've been?
  11. How about 6x tame rate on elephants instead? Might be able to get one done in a day then
  12. Same here, just respec'd to get L3 taming and L3 proficiency and...1.6%. Food, level, etc. don't seem to matter. I previously used grown chickpeas with good luck, but this...this is broke now.
  13. Anyone looking to ally up in either of those Lawless zones?
  14. Juddo


    L-O-friggin-L. Well, chalk that up to me being a dumb-dumb. That's for the response mate.
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