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  1. Well, I enjoyed the game for several months, so I guess I should be grateful about that. This new patch has completely ruined the game for me. It makes absolutely no sense. Had to use most of our company land points just to claim farmhouses and warehouse. Now we can't even log into the game to feed our tames. Guess it's time to try Valheim.
  2. In the Q&A that they released last week they said "early next week"
  3. I logged on this morning to find my entire base has been walled in by the company Los Pollos Hermanos in E4. I can't access the majority of my tames, nor can I leave my base unless I use my ship to sail out. I created a ticket but as soon as I hit submit it said "solved". No idea what to do now =(
  4. Current Tame Stock Parrots Male – Wild level 21 – Name: Reed Male – Wild level 33 Name: Rocket Female – Wild Level 30 Name: Clover Razortooth Male wild level 32 Name: Ace Female wild level 30 Name: Peaches Female wild level 32 name: Queen Female wild level 34 Name Tesla CROWS Male wild level 60 Name Spenser Male wild level 60 name Cash Male wild level 58 name Asher Male wild level 63 Name Austin Male wild level 65 Name Adam Male wild level 60 Name Alex Male wild level 70 name Anthony Male wild level 78 Name Aiden Male wild level 55 Name Aaron Origin of Storms breeding center is located on grid e4 middle island.
  5. Very frustrated with this update! First, the damn dolphins won't follow you if you get on your ship, so if you take your ship out to find a dolphin and tame said dolphin I guess you have to leave your ship behind in order to keep the dolphin! It's ridiculous! Warehouses!!!!! I was really hoping they would increase the amount of warehouses permitted on Islands! This is insane! It's literally impossible to find an island where we can put a warehouse down now cause of the limit of 4 per island!
  6. Yep, I had a feeding trough with berries and veggies =(
  7. I spent the day yesterday finding the perfect parrot to add to my tame collection. I brought it back to my base (4 zones away) and with in 2 minutes of docking I received a message that my parrot had been killed, but there is no explanation of what killed him in the logs. He happily travelled on my shoulder the entire way home, then gets killed on my boat as soon as I drop anchor? I'd really like to know what caused this before heading back out to find another parrot.
  8. Okay so I spoke with someone that hatches parrot eggs all the time and they said that the parrot eggs that come from the warehouse come with zero health so as soon as you put the down or shorty thereafter they will die and disappear. She gave me one of her fertilized eggs and that one works just fine.
  9. Yep, happens each time we place an egg down. We've tried everything!
  10. I haven't logged in today yet, but they were super laggy last night
  11. The game was playing great for me before this weeks update, now the lag is making it pretty much unplayable. Constant skipping, like I'll be walking and then my character jumps back to where I started and I have to walk the same distance again, this seems to happen about every 20 to 30 seconds. Like I said, the game was working perfect for me right up to the update and now I don't even want to play anymore.
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