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  1. nah just needs some balancing like all things in Beta
  2. Luxfere

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Its a beta relax frances
  3. Luxfere

    When will renaming ships be fixed?

    Thats the dumbest thing i have ever read a ship is basically an animal it should be able to be renamed...there is no argument on it unless you just make a ship able to be renamed and then put a stamp if who it was built by originally does. You should be able to rename a ship make it a gold cost then
  4. SHIPs out of synch when entering new zone this has just recently started where you enter a new grid and all of a sudden your ship is either flying or clipping 20 feet under the waves its quite annoying and i have seen it happen in J12 and J13 the last few days I now skip past those 2 zones to avoid the headache of this.
  5. Luxfere

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Does it really matter stop your crying go play arkh then jesus
  6. Luxfere

    Can't find sap, sugar etc. Where should I look?

    L 9 10 11 12 13 14 all have sugarcane, Honey, And Nectar or some sort of sugar in them And some even have honey on those islands. The wiki locations are pretty accurate after the last wipe there are a few changes in locations
  7. Luxfere

    J1 Zone temperature is eradic

    In the zone the temp will constantly switch between 0 and say 20 so your food just drops constantly and or you freeze to death freeze and normal over and over. If you hold H down you will see it jump between 2 extremexs
  8. Luxfere

    NPC pirate ships immortal?

    Sounds like a bug lol
  9. Luxfere

    getting rid of decay times on lawless

    There are decay rates everywhere otherwise we would have a mess everywhere log in everyday to refresh if you dont want to play then quit why is this even a discussion? Its always an issue in a survival game its not that they dont care but its not game breaking
  10. Luxfere

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    No you can choose any id you want 123 being 1 that alot of people use when on a pvp realm
  11. Luxfere

    harvest is impossible

    Discussion for an issue that is a bug..whats the point how about get it taken care of quickly? Instead of going round and round about how this is annoying blah blah blah
  12. Luxfere

    Looking To Charter a Ship To Go Whale Hunting

    Eh build a ship do it yourself brigantine works well hell schooner does to, I know im a solo player and i hunt whales and sotd ship fleets
  13. Luxfere

    Seaweed on N8

    Looks like this was removed from the island can anyone else confirm? This is the thundering key Was a pond with seaweed in it now the pond is full of nothing.
  14. Luxfere

    how is no one talking about this?

    Its artwork....
  15. Luxfere

    WTF guys......

    Guess you gave up to quickly was a hidden surprise....