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  1. im sorry when years are calculated faster than days in a game the mechanix are fucked
  2. This suicide mini game is awful now 97 cant even drink the fountain. This needs to be removed. Ea or not this implement has proved to be nothing more than a time sink.
  3. i thought they were not supposed to decay while anchored though???
  4. Brig still got destroyed how is this possible it was in 100% condition..
  5. This is our only claimed price of land we dont have multiple islands or a bunch randomly in the water. Guess it just pays to be a greedy ass in this game and not a respectful helping player.
  6. First let me start by saying I'm fortunate to have found a spot I'm thankful I did I have also given away claims. With that being said how can people over lap my claim yet I'm not allowed to defend it and they just keep stealing it while we watch. There are 1 claim per toon in company we are not being greedy. But really we have little or no way of knowing how to defend it. Can some one help me please we are on pve server na
  7. Re launch the game next time this happens do not remake the char.
  8. Folks are doing same claim stealing to our active company who sleeps onsite yet we are slowly losing claims.
  9. Our land is being stolen from us while we are on and we cant do a thing about it. Unless someone knows a trick we are left watching them steal the flags one by one literaly in the zones the flags are set in. We are slowly losing it all. And we can find no game support to fix this issue.
  10. I painted it with my mouse with paint brush in game
  11. if you die and you get that screen close the game a nd relaunch that should fix that bug.
  12. do you really think you are the only ones that lost stuff stick with it, its only been 1 week imagine what you can do with more time and a better system. and dont tell me to Fu its not polite.
  13. i dont think this is called for Gringore thats not very nice of you to say. use constructive posts with ideas and issues they miscalculated and haven't responded is all
  14. im done with this post for now im sure they tested it on a small scale bud i dont think it calls for you to assume they are dumb. we lost our schooner too but that is a mistake on the devs part but yes more communication is whats needed.
  15. yea i expected similar game play as what i saw on the streams sorry if i was misguided in thinking we would get the same or similar play. i purchased after seeing a neat game on live streams viewed by over 40k people yup im dumb in assuming id get to do something similar. OOooooo You made that so simple for my small brain like i didnt understand what an EA was. wow... just wow and im not even the one that called them dumb... for fucks sake.
  16. I am gonna have to disagree. They made the choices to release the EA not me. If for any reason they doubted the performance of this they should have halted instead of caving to the masses the play time i have had is fun i never complained about that my complaint was about the communication of fixes and updates some one else is calling them dumb. I could never do what they do. I work with publicity and stuff of that nature. But you know what your right ,i'm wrong my opinions dont matter to your white knighting and protectiveness of my passive aggressive comment.
  17. from what ive seen on the discord its chaos and spamming if you are getting current updates somewhere id like to know cause what i see comes from twitter and this site ...
  18. I feel like they just need to communicate better with the player base. i feel like hey we are doing a thing at a possible time that may actually work possibly not at all. and as for saying this is an ea game what do you expect we paid for a game not a menu screen. then don't sell it, give people the chance to play an open beta and test it then sell it to the public. There is almost no constant communication from the development team csr team if there is one. just a lot of copy paste tweets that are 10hrs old......buut nope i have my hanky ill just bitch and moan like the rest.
  19. thats all i got to say cleared the whole area again still no respawn. your patch is a joke.
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