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  1. This system don't have sense, first u need travel too much hours with posibility despawn fountain in travel, second u need dodge Ciclips, Elementals, Spiders Skeletons...and for finish need patience for server lag, and somemore bugs.
  2. Torancete

    Good job guys with fountain.

    Super efective system u need lag for realice the mechanic, waw.
  3. Torancete

    Good job guys with fountain.

    And what logic have devs use new mechanics with servers broken?
  4. Nice overbooking in fountain with 255 ping imposible to move, good job.
  5. Torancete

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    21 fanboys~~
  6. Torancete

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    im from big company and i drop the game too, not its hard for me take fountain, but i hate this mechanic system, i drop game and maybe in a future when change this system, im back, because atlas its best game but devs don't makes a good work
  7. Torancete

    I tried

    U have a reason for play, age system is so funny.
  8. Torancete

    please dont make games...

    True, atlas have best potential for triump , but new mechanics are fucking shit for players, tell me how can reset age with: ciclops, hydras, wolfs, im only level 55 and this monsters are level 12398190319. I don't know why this new mechanics, first repair fucking servers and after create news efective mechanics for "age" don't fuck players with this nightmare.
  9. Torancete

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    Thats all. Best stupid age system only fuck players.
  10. Torancete

    F this game

    And for dessert you have the mechanics of age, best shit ever see in my all life on mmorpgs. I drop game too.
  11. I drop this game for this stupid mechanic age, 300 hours aprox. ^^
  12. Torancete

    This new mecanic for age not funny.

    It has errors on all sides, meaningless.
  13. Torancete

    This new mecanic for age not funny.

    Supposse you are in a mega company ok? U going to Stone Island and how u can dodge all monsters with 255 ping? Too many people go to island and can't take fountain because disappears or does not arrive on time. Devs says "50 days" in atlas and this not its real, im sorry but this its mechanic its a fail The game was fun until yesterday, now I just have to look at the map to see the next respawn bed because I have best debuff.