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  1. Jack_Rang3r

    Wolves even eat each other

    Saw this in my private testing server the other day. Yikes!
  2. Jack_Rang3r

    bug "Too close to enemy foundation" inside our base...

    Same thing happened to me. Someone overlapped a claim flag on my land and around 3 blocks ended up belonging to them that was attached to my base. Took a while for me to notice and sadly they will not remove them.
  3. Jack_Rang3r

    Wooden Club Blueprint?

    The club is actually different from the blackjack in the piracy skill, so its probably a bug then
  4. Jack_Rang3r

    Wooden Club Blueprint?

    I found this blueprint, but I have no idea where the skill to craft one comes from? Does anyone know? Also how do you craft using a blueprint like this wooden bow, I have everything, but I cant craft it.
  5. Jack_Rang3r

    PVE Claim Overlap

    Logged off for the night and when I came back someone, somehow took one of my claims that overlapped another and because of this, I can no longer build anything.
  6. Jack_Rang3r

    PVE Claim overlap

    Got on and my claim was being overlapped by another. Now I can no longer build anything.