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  1. Wolfe3

    Xbox Woes.

    Was have the same issue, couldnt walk a step with out it rubber banding like crazy. Had to have the character lay down for a minute and that fixed some of the issues. But the dashboarding and lag is horrible.
  2. Huh, good idea. I was there for about 2hrs and was alone the whole time waiting for somebody to show up. I was about to give up when I said screw it and made that last run, in a last ditch effort to get it. But ill remember that next time.
  3. Wolfe3

    Cannons wont fire (xbox)

    When this happened to me i had to change the ammo type back to regular cannon balls.
  4. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wolfe3/video/82876120
  5. Wolfe3

    Why did the Game cut my House...

    Did you recently get divorced?
  6. Wolfe3

    flags CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    Any idea how to do this with Xbox?
  7. Wolfe3

    How people are tracking you in Atlas

    Xbox player here myself. It sounds like if you dont eccept pc players into your company it wont be a problem.