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  1. KoopaTheTurtle

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    bit of a yikes for that ZIP download :L
  2. KoopaTheTurtle

    Been Defending The Hell Out Of The Game To Friends

    if you notice when a patch goes live that actually EU PvE is the only one thats up. This is so they can test it on the Live server's and make sure nothing is wrong. hence why you might see the EU PvE Server up for 30+ mins after a patch and none of the other :V
  3. KoopaTheTurtle

    Players Can Get Stuck here

    On C14 Northern Free-port there is a place you can get stuck - in images. Follow the path up. There is a rock you can jump and you can get stuck
  4. KoopaTheTurtle

    Crocs, Armor and Patch

    The thing is the area where me and my friend were shooting was an area where only crocs spawn. Just in between every shot they just naturally reneged most of their HP
  5. KoopaTheTurtle

    Crocs, Armor and Patch

    Hey team, has anyone else found the crocs are now stupidly hard to kill? Normally either 3 fire arrows would do or a carbine + pistol shot would kill them.... now its taking multiple carbine shots (friend shooting at a level 25 croc) and me shooting at a level 19 croc broke my flintlock (fresh craft) and still was a live :L This seems to have happened as of a recent patch and that the health and armor values of the croc has mass spiked up which isnt fun when 90% of our animal spawns are crocs :L
  6. KoopaTheTurtle

    Is the sextant as useless as it seems?

    There is also a mini-game with the Sextant which increases the speed of which you travel on the boat depending on how good you are with the mini-game
  7. KoopaTheTurtle

    Lag and DC's

    Is anyone else getting a stupid amount of lag? like everyone in my company is complaining about it and so are a lot of people in sectors i go to. Also is anyone getting a lot of Disconnects from the game? Im getting nearly one every minute :L the first couple of days i was playing i hardly got any lag and probably DC'd 1 or 2 times a day .-. getting really hard to play if you are rubber-banding back to the spot you were at and then DC'ing
  8. KoopaTheTurtle

    balance flame arrows Flame Arrows are still to OP !!!

    Flame arrows in a PvP Stance is broken due to the fact they pierce armor and do DoT damage (i believe its % of health as well - or was % of health) I have varying numebrs with shooting at company members or enemies... like sometimes i will dink them for 130 damage and other times i will pull a 10 dmg shot. Its really weird
  9. 2.5x is a nice "event" rate but for official servers i dont think it should be this rate maybe a 1.5ish rate would be enough. During the 2.5x we had gathered so much that we were basically dropping anything we gathered and that was a problem cause some materials we can only get via trading the goods we dropped so a higher rate for sure but not a 2 or 2.5x Maybe have weekend rates vs weekday rates having weekday a normal rate and weekends a higher rate cause more people are online for the weekends
  10. KoopaTheTurtle

    Lag Issues

    We seem to have found an issue that causes lag. Treasure Maps. Weather stored in large boxes or small boxes every time you open a box with map/s in it a large lag spike happens. Why? Every map's icon thing RENDERS so the map displays a part of the island and an X on its Icon - Look at image and you see that these maps are all different for their location and every time you open a box it renders (you can see it starts Blank then puts the image on) How do we know its the maps? We have 4 small boxes with maps in them. There are 6 of us online from our group. We all went 1 by 1 with a 2 min gap in between to open one of the boxes. We all felt lag spikes every time someone opened the box. A fix? Easy. Make it like every other item - a Static image when in storage like it rolled up or something
  11. KoopaTheTurtle

    mindwipe tonic potion

    There is a soft cap level being 51 - entices you to explore You can get past this by exploring and apparently after exploring its max is 81 (Though the max level int confirmed)
  12. KoopaTheTurtle

    Diving Suit

    No Problem I try to help people through this so called "Cancerous, Dead, Worst" game :V
  13. KoopaTheTurtle

    Diving Suit

    Piracy has the DivingAttachment. Put the Attachment onto any ship and then put oil into it. You will have X amount of time before your own Oxygen starts being used
  14. KoopaTheTurtle


    We walk up to our Lighthouse, open its inventory, and dump oil into it :V and idk if you have to turn it on like a campfire or not but the whole building (when lit) will deal damage to you (i think its based of the Campfire just with different look and changed what can and cant be put in)
  15. KoopaTheTurtle

    Very black skies?

    The Black Skies is due to turning off some settings and turning down sky quality. I dont know what settings just fiddle with them I actually quite like the black skies