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Lag Issues

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We seem to have found an issue that causes lag. Treasure Maps. Weather stored in large boxes or small boxes every time you open a box with map/s in it a large lag spike happens. Why? Every map's icon thing RENDERS so the map displays a part of the island and an X on its Icon - Look at image and you see that these maps are all different for their location and every time you open a box it renders (you can see it starts Blank then puts the image on) 

How do we know its the maps? We have 4 small boxes with maps in them. There are 6 of us online from our group. We all went 1 by 1 with a 2 min gap in between to open one of the boxes. We all felt lag spikes every time someone opened the box.

A fix? Easy. Make it like every other item - a Static image when in storage like it rolled up or something


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