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  2. Celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the roadmap. Step 0/4 is almost complete.
  3. Now we know why this game hasn't received a notable update since launch in 2018. They've spent the entire development budget of 50$ on amazon gift cards.
  4. Congrats, posting 5 frames on your website is the first substantial FPS increase this game has received.
  5. stop posting cringe and give me my refund
  6. garbage game stays garbage, gotcha This is why this game will always stay shit.
  7. oh look, another garbage patch
  8. This is an automated response. Hey Pathfinder, Thank you for putting in this support/report ticket. Your submission has been placed under review. Please note that during Early Access, we are providing limited in-game support and utilizing this ticketing system as a way to identify game issues and trends for things we need to look into and fix from a technical/development point of view. At this phase in our development cycle, we will not be providing restoration for any items, creatures, ships or other in-game assets. If your ticket is one that requires further attention and is regarding an issue we are actively assisting with at the time, such as Company Ownership, Aimbot/Exploit/Third Party Program Reports, Player Reports, and/or Harassment, then we may contact you for additional information. Please note that if you are wanting to report a bug that you’ve experienced with the game, you can do so on our bug report forum here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-bug-reports/ Feedback and suggestions can also be posted in our forums here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/69-feedback-and-suggestions If you are experiencing an issue with one of our Official Servers, please submit a ticket here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/server-outage/&do=form&d=21 We appreciate the time you’ve taken in letting us know about the problem and for your patience during this stage of development. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are looking to patch out bugs and exploits as soon as possible. In the future, as we get further along in the game’s development and growth, we will be able to add additional tools and expand our team to be able to support more tickets and ticket types. Happy Sailing!
  9. The first half of these patchnotes are actually decent. Good job on that! I'm glad that you implemented my solution for the peacephase barreling, took you 4 months but hey better late than never. Buffing horses and swivels only shows how far removed you are from the actual state of the game - You might want to rethink that one. The grenade and puckle damage changes would be pretty good, if you actually went through with the flag height changes. I guess at this point we can only hope for you to flip-flop on flip-flopping on the flip-flop. See you guys in 2-3 months for the next patchnotes
  10. Hey Erik, I think this is a mistake. You are following the same flawed logic as you did with not fixing '+Max Velocity' on speed sails. There are a million reasons why playing solo or in a small group is not really viable at the moment. You are not fixing this by having all ships go the same speed or all bases being unraidable. While it sure does help smaller groups of players, you are hurting everyones experience in the process, resulting in a net negative outcome. I truly appreciate your attempt at making this game playable for smaller groups, I hate to see it happen at the expense of everyone though. There needs to be a viable alternative to claiming a high pillar in order to save any tangible progress. Owning land should be incentivised, not mandatory. Best of luck with your charity stream. -Tim
  11. They increase the maximum level a ship can reach. 225% Durability is the magic number - This is when your ships can reach level 52 (the levelcap).
  12. Hard - I don't expect any of these to be answered, would be a nice surprise though. 1. Are you planning on changing ANY of the core game mechanics? 2. Have you considered merging all of the current networks into one network with all of the former networks being represented in form of grids? 3. Have you considered reducing the size of the current Atlas world in addition to merging all networks to compensate for the low player numbers? 4. Have you considered adding PvP Hotspots with very high end PVE content to incentivise Ship PVP and maybe even non-laggy ground PVP? 5. Do you think you can find a way to make the game playable for small groups or even solo players on the official network? If so, how? 6. Have you discussed the "ship in a bottle" solution to combat the atrocious FPS people are getting in their harbours in addition to finally getting rid of ship griefing? 7. Do you think having to defend your precious loot and boats 9 hours every single day is a sustainable and healthy system in the long run? 8. Do you think not being able to take a break from the game for as little as 10 days, without losing almost all meaningful progress due to auto decay promotes a healthy playstyle? 9. Do you think people are too occupied maintaining octuple-honeycombed bases with 10's of thousands of structures just to defend their progress, lagging the servers by rendering these beasts, instead of taking boats out to fight or explore some foreign land? 10. Have you considered offering 100% free & unlimited item and ship (in a bottle) storage in freeports? 11. The +max velocity stat on speed sails has now been broken for a longer period of time than it has worked. Completely killing ship pvp in the process. Can you explain why this is such a challenge for you? 12. Why does it take so long to get some very small balance tweaks or changes done nowadays? Dragons, whales, Npc's on tame swivels/ballista, large cannons, fire arrows, torches, shields, were all nerfed in a heartbeat. Things that are deemed extremely unbalanced and have been voiced many times have remained untouched for the last 4 months. How and why has your approach to these issues changed? 13. How many developers have worked on atlas? How many developers are working on atlas now? How many developers are going to work on Atlas if the player base decline and low sale numbers continues? 14. In Captain's Log 19 "The Golden Age of Piracy" you said some of your design changes will revolve around: -Allowing players to experience the ‘piracy’ side of the game immediately, whilst not trivializing the content. -Making sure that solo players and smaller groups feel safer when logging off, or that after they’ve taken a break they can come back and know that it won’t be such a difficult feat to get out on the seas again. -Incentivize companies to neutralize their territories, inviting others to make use of their land so that both can benefit. -More MMO aspects: player markets, player-specified automatic trade routes, additional quests, and daily missions Considering most new quests are mere milestones of existing content, and the player markets being DOA - Can we expect any of these promised design changes in the future? If so, when? 15. Will you ever go back to making Captain's Logs which don't spoil content but instead talk about the design direction of the game? 16. Considering how badly new tames are perceived by almost all players, could the developer(s) working on tames be reassigned to something the player base actually wants? 17. Do you think parts of the Atlas project were to ambitious (40000 players, 225 Grids, 4 Different Server Networks, Openworld, Sandbox, Piracy, MMO, Multiplayer, the pre-wipe hat)? 18. Right now people have no idea where this game is going or what you are working on. Can you involve the community in discussions about future content or design choices, if possible without spoiling the content? 19. Can you make this Q&A a regular thing? Maybe monthly? (only if its fruitful and you answer actual questions) 20. Right now there is a huge risk attached to fighting another ship with 0 reward. Speedsails being bugged makes ship fights almost completly voluntary resulting in no ship battles in a game about ships and battles. What are you plans on incentivising ship battles? 21. The last couple of months, we've gotten no significant changes to PvP or multiplayer. Do you stand by your statement that multiplayer is still your primary focus? 22. Considering ATLAS is an assetflip, do you think you can ever distance yourself from ARK so much that people wont realise it's an assetflip within 1 minute of playing both games? 23. You have been provided detailed feedback about the game, yet we see very few suggestions make it to the official servers. Many things get suggested repeatedly and we never know why you don't want to implement them or what your thoughts about said ideas are. Can you be more transparent and openly discuss why you dont want to implement certain ideas? 24. Do you have a vision for the game? 25. Do you think big significant changes are necessary to improve the game or are small incremental changes sufficient? Medium - Very fair, not as loaded questions 26. Are you working on a freeport wide auction house, in the hopes of creating an economy? 27. Have you considered reworking the blueprint system? (99% being complete garbage, insane variance, useless blueprints on the drop tables) 28. Have you considered reworking the crafting system? (Crafting characters/constant respeccing whenever you want to craft something) 29. What are your plans to attract new players? 30. Do you think it's realistic that you will be able to optimise the game to a point were high end computers will get consistent 60 FPS on normal settings, even when loading huge bases and harbours? 31. Have you considered revamping the building system (ships and land building) and/or reducing the structure limit to help achieve consistent mediocre FPS? 32. How are the developers distributed amongst projects (PVP, Balance, Assetflipping from Ark, PVE, Cosmetics etc.)? 33. What are your thoughts about switching from a Pay to play business model to a free to play model considering steam reviews are the number 1 factor for customer acquisition and you already have a cosmetic system in place? 34. Where do you see this game in the near future (the next 6-12 months), and the far future (1-3 years from now)? 35. Do you think you can bounce back from current player numbers - if so, how? 36. What are your honest thoughts about the current state of the game? 37. What do you think the playerbase wants the most right now? Have you considered polling the playerbase? 38. Can you give us a roadmap/timeline of future development? 39. Do you want to distance yourself from ARK or get closer to it development wise? 40. Do you want ATLAS to be distinguishable from ARK or do you not care that they are very similar asset/content wise? 41. Will future update stay focused on importing ARK content or will you start making more original content? 42. Have you considered adding or putting developers in charge that know little to nothing about ARK in order to get out of your ARK mindset (tames, recycling content)? 43. Are you aware and satisfied with how harpoons have changed ship fights or do you plan on tweaking them? 44. Do you want to incentivise ship fighting, if so how? 45. Is the absence of frequent PVP balancing caused by a lack of information provided by the playerbase? 46. Are you planning to get rid of or at least heavily reduce obnoxious, tedious and grindy parts of the game? If so, what are your CONCRETE plans? Easy - Questions you want to be asked (bad) 47. Do you have any plans to add more colours to the current pallet? ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ 48. Do you have plans to add cosmetic whiskers, cat ears and a cat tail? These could be harvested from dead baby cats that we are all so eagerly waiting for. ♥‿♥ 49. When will we finally be able to have intercourse with our fellow players (asking for a friend)? ≧◡≦ 50. When will Captain Jat Sparrow return? (◕︵◕)
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