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    Patch v536.3 - Wonder Fulfilled!

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    Ahoy Pathfinders!

    image (4).jpg
    To start 2022 right, as promised, we're doing a little house cleaning. We're addressing many of the issues that you, the community, have been asking for in our latest patch. We have a host of bug fixes and optimizations listed below that we hope will fix the lingering problems from previous iterations, so we can start fresh moving into the new year. 

    Along with these changes, we're fully implementing our first wonder, the Great Temple. This structure is the pinnacle of glory for all pathfinders. Companies will have to plot, scheme, and pool all of their resources to be the first, and only, masters of this great Wonder. Not only will they go down in history as the first Pirate legends to complete this stunning achievement but they will also gain “wondrous” benefits that will persist into the next season.

    Finally, we also have a new transport ship, the Tramp Freighter. This cost-effective hauler will help ease the load of transporting cargo in the early stages of your pirate journey. Check out the details of all our changes below. 

    Atlas Screenshot 2022.01.12 -

    While not complete, we are grateful for all the feedback we’ve received from the community and ask for your continued assistance in making Atlas the best it can be.  As always, we appreciate your support and ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam.  

    Servers will be going down tonight, 1/12 at around 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

    Note: We are in the final stages of development for our public facing issue tracker to better address the community’s concerns in balance with ongoing development efforts, with hopes to have it available by the end of the month. Please join us on the Official ATLAS Discord http://discord.gg/playatlas for all the latest happenings!

         :anchor: Released Patch Notes :anchor:

    Patch v536.03

    New Content:

    The Great Temple

    image (5).jpg

    The Great Temple Monument has been fully released. Players have visited the structure on the wonder islands in H9, I9, J9, K9 in Africa, and it is now claimable/buildable. To build the Great Temple players will need to build the Monuments Studies Modular room at the Damned Smithy and place it into a Cursed Temple. At the Monuments Studies Modular room players can craft the Great Temple Exterior.

    Once the exterior has been crafted, bring it to the foundation locations on one of the four wonder islands. These are lawless claim, so be careful, your temple can be stolen.

    Once placed, the Great Temple have 6 stages of progression, which are viewable at the Progression Table located in the entryway of the Temple. To progress from stage to stage you will need a large amount of resources and at least one week of real life time.

    The first company to reach stage 6 completes The Great Pyramid Wonder, which gives a permanent buff to all company members of +20 Fortitude. This buff is persistent and will carry over to next season!

    Stage resource requirements:
    Stage 2

    • Strongwood: 50,000
    • Limestone:100,000
    • Flint: 10,000
    • Mythos: 2000

    Stage 3

    • Strongwood: 150,000
    • Marble: 175,000
    • Flint: 15,000
    • Mythos: 3000

    Stage 4

    • Strongwood: 200,000
    • Sandstone: 300,000
    • Flint: 50,000
    • Mythos: 5000

    Stage 5

    • Strongwood: 100,000
    • Slate: 500,000
    • Flint: 100,000
    • Mythos: 2

    Stage 6

    • Build and place Sarcophagus in the main courtyard.

    New bed that is restricted to the Great Temple. This bed completes the Great Temple and allows for instant respawn and bed transfers.

    • Wood: 25
    • Thatch: 125
    • Fibers: 30
    • Hide: 40

    Tramp Freighter

    Atlas Screenshot 2022.01.12 -
    The Tramp Freighter is a low cost vessel great for early game transport. It is a 2 length ship and comes attached with multiple cargo racks attached to both sides. It would suit any pathfinder for transport reasons.

    • Wood: 1000
    • Thatch: 800
    • Fiber: 800
    • Metal: 100
    • Max Level: 60
    • Sail Points: 5
    • Module Points: 12
    • Attached Sails: one large and one medium handling sail

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed instances where activated fire visual effects were floating above the lumberyard
    • Fixed instances where activated fire visual effects were floating above the quarry
    • Fixed instances where the schooner and raft could disappear from a small shipyard after server restart
    • Fixed instances where transient nodes would not change position after a week
    • Fixed instances where quest markers were in the wrong grid
    • Fixed instances where the interaction with the irrigation system and a grill would cause unintended effects
    • Fixed instances where players were able to damage other players on some freeport islands in PVE
    • Fixed instances when trying to replace a sail would not correctly subtract the amount of sail points to be reduced from the old sail
    • Fixed instances where waves could allow or disallow sail placement
    • Fixed instances of weight not being correctly calculated when placing items in dinghy hangar railings
    • Fixed instances where using a portal to the kraken’s lair caused the player to spawn facing the incorrect direction
    • Fixed instances where some grids have freeport island selection when respawning
    • Fixed instances of holes in the ocean
    • Fixed instances of game crashes where players would be stuck unable to reconnect
    • Fixed instances where some modular rooms could be placed on pillars
    • Fixed instances where the tutorial volume is not controlled by the options
    • Fixed instances where the storage box could only be crafted at the smithy
    • Fixed instances where using the transient tracker and activating the map the compass would cause the compass to be invisible
    • Fixed instances of placing structures on pillars and allowing them to float
    • Fixed instances of pathfinders losing proper movement after teleporting while crouching
    • Fixed instances where structures would be placed on freeport islands
    • Fixed instances of the Broadsider spawning too far back in shipyards.
    • Fixed instances where players could replace sails disregarding collision
    • Fixed instances of Quest markers being in incorrect locations
    • Fixed instances where Dyes would not be highlighted when able to craft
    • Fixed instances where the Damned Smithy could be built on ships
    • Fixed instances where the Songstone could be built on ships
    • Fixed instances where Monument studies room had the incorrect model
    • Fixed instances where Altars of the Damned were spawning iridium ingots
    • Fixed instances where Damned Smithy’s were not placeable near the C11 Altar of the Damned
    • Fixed instances where NPC’s that are attached to cannons, puckles, and sails would not take damage
    • Fixed instances where Unnatural Fog ritual would crash the server
    • Fixed instances where blueprint ships would not be created with 100% durability
    • Fixed instances where treasure maps found in Tortuga would lead players outside of Tortuga
    • Fixed instances where multiple taxation banks can be spawned at sea forts
    • Fixed instances where multiple small sails could be placed at the front of the Turtle Ship
    • Fixed instances where AotD ships would ignore some modular ships
    • Fixed instances where structure placer would incorrectly display available snap points
    • Fixed instances where island claim points are reset to 0 after a server restart
    • Fixed instances where blueprinted ship modules would not start at 100% durability


    • Maximum stack size for most food/drink recipes in the grill and cooking pot increased from 5 to 30
    • Grenades can now be stored in the munitions Storage
    • UI changes made for the chatbox when creating a pathfinder
    • Added Tiny Shipyard back into the Basics of Sailing skill, and allowed it to be crafted in the player inventory
    • Increased maximum durability found on shipyards
    • Vegetables and herbs can now be stored in the silo
    • Cows and lions have increased mating ranges
    • Reduced effectiveness of small and medium sails on some modular ships
    • Reduced max sail points available on Broadsider BPs
    • Dragon's Tongue Delight is now categorized as a drink
    • Cursed grog can now be stored in the keg
    • Mace Stun duration has been reduced
    • Additional changes coming in a future patch
    • Mace Stun ability cooldowns has been increased
    • Additional changes coming in a future patch
    • Shield bash stun ability cooldown have been increased
    • Additional changes coming in a future patch
    • Shipyards will now give demolish rewards excluding gold

    Known Issues:

    • Xbox memory leak causing crashes when loading large amounts of textures
    • Sarcophagus icon shows the icon for a simple bed
    • Sarcophagus crafting resources are incorrect
    • The Known Issues pertaining to the previous releases has been omitted from this list. We are creating a public facing issue tracker to follow them.

    Atlas Screenshot 2022.01.12 -

         :anchor: Final Note :anchor:

    Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. 

    As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! 🙂



    Happy Sailing,

    - ATLAS Crew

    :skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

    Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas

    Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas

    Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas

    Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Does anyone know how long the patch will take? I need to see if I'm still stuck in B4 after turning to hard trying to avoid the damned ships & those ridiculously stupid cyclones 3 days ago. Been stuck with a host Time-Out message ever since. 2 friends tried to travel to the bed on the ship & they got stuck in B4 also. Not sure if they bothered to fix B2, B3 & B4 servers with this patch but hopefully they did.


    Servers are back up & I'm free!!! But dang RIP all those ships that were along the B4/C4 border. Bunch are still there but so many are sunk. Looks like it's mostly the modular ships that sunk.

    Edited by Papa Pastafarian
    New information

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    And STILL no comment about bugs since day 1 😞
    FIX the shops that they do not move up and down and not targetable.
    FIX being unable to teleport animals onto the modular ships
    FIX the bed issues


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    Is this also available for single player? 

    Cause NEW map wasn't or ain't available for single player.

    Like to go through portals aswell in single player.

    Anyone knows?

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    An Interesting news with a lot of tiny bug fixes that got addressed. Also it has to be mentioned that this is a very fast patch release after the last December update considering the christmas and new year holidays. Stun changes should be a god thing, Silo change is very welcome. Some other stuff like double tax banks on sea forts shall be adressed. Well we will see if bed teleport in crouched position is now possible. Difficult to try it as you are so common now with avoiding this bug and never crouch near a bed^^

    The grill is quite a shame that you need to skill so much cooking to unlock it. I am now Level 76 on PVE and I don't want to spend any points on this. I wonder if the grill will have instant water refill now when connected to a water pipe? I remember in the past this was possible and great to make colors... and i hate when it got changed to refill in like 20 minutes to make 3 more colors again...

    Wonder final release:

    Decoyy made a video building the wonder in single Player to test it. Results from the official server will not be available for some weeks because of the time restriction. Also it has to be questioned if Players will try to build the wonder for just 20 fortitude? I mean there is no ingame statistics or rankings for Top Players or Companys. Who has the most Players, who sunk the most enemy ships or killed most enemy Players, who's wealth is the biggest, who build the wonder and who owns it. Simple things to compare and even see who is all around the Atlas besides the Player interaction if they meet others while playing. 20 fortitude is useless with the current skill that nobody skills because HP>Stamina>Weight are more important. The meta is to ignore vitamines and simply die and respawn. 20 Fortitude also do not have any influence on stun durations(torpor) or resistance versus poison.

    You have to transport the resources for building to the wonder island which is good, but not a worth PvP loot probably. I wonder if any PvP Player will be out there with a combat fleet to stop other companys resource delivery... or if those who try building will protect their transport ship with a fleet.

    I am settling in Africa one grid next to the wonder island but i don't have the required resources and will not farm it myself just to test the building.... also why stage 5 only requires "2" mythos? Just for the giggles?

    market + trading + gathering

    The patch release stopped 60% of my gathering buildings. This is annoying because they all had the bugged fuel comsumption that occurs after server restarts... now i have to refill fuel until it gets bugged again. (oh i should get banned for using an bug that automatically occurs?)

    The bigger issue is the market and trading does not work anymore on the PVE Server at least. I have 1000+ open trades now to all my trade partners that will not be delivered. Every minute there will be added one additional trade. To solve this i probably have to delete the market and hope to find new trade partners again who did the same with their market. Soon we will not be able to enter the server because of upcomming "reliable buffer overflow" issue again. Also the market interface needs an update. Add an option to sort listed markets according their grid or distance or their status accepted/canceled/rejected. Or add a function to move a market to the top of the list to have better overview about your accepted trades. Also make a possibility to reactivate canceled or rejected routes or to delete them from the list to add other markets if you passed the 100 requests. Markets also do not show you that you can only accept 5 trade routes max if not other players accept your request - than you can have more.

    the tramp freighter new beginner ship.

    I like the idea of a early available freighter besides all modular ships are simply the same model with more or less modules in the center. It has standard ~220/4000 weight with the large and medium sail include. So this ship is one module longer than the Cog that has only 1 small sail but the Cog can carry 9000 weight but no cargos. The freighter has 4 cargos. Each can carry 8000 weight reducing it by factor 5 to 1600 weight. So in best case you can use 1 or 2 cargos to possibly reduce your speed to ~0? I will test the speed this evening just for the fun. I don't remeber correctly but each attached cargo usually reduces the speed by 10-20% + additional the weight put inside. I wonder if the ship will drive 20 knots backwards if i load all cargos to max... or if it will sink immediatly. Pretty exited about this test.

    I wonder if the Devs realize that you can actualy build this ship with the same amount of wood for 5x repair kits... you know this kits you need to repair a damaged module for 5 seconds restoring 1500 HP....


    Edit: Why do the latest patch notes do not show up in the Forum under topic Announcements? You can only find the discussion of this patch if you hit "home" to see the latest patches... also I can't react to other post in this "not existing topic"?

    Edited by Nacona

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    they have stated that there is a "revamp" of the modular ships, idk if they change the model tho, since its modular its logic to make them the same, but another design would be nice


    and plz dont forget to not play the game you need to test it and have fun, its an early access alpha since 3 years, the developement is going fast right now, that was not always the case because the direction where to go was kinda missing

    it is not exactly the same game like 3 years ago, there were many issues and some are persisting until now or short before the last bigger patch and the new map


    after the modular ship revamp there will be another bugfix wave and more wonders

    and a balance adjustment first for pve, on top of that for pvp

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    Alright, so traditionally something is broken : ))

    - Bottles. Some of them are leading to Rocky Cove (U know that we can't go there with ship, tame, or anything in inventory, including map, right?) I've got at C11 a purple lvl 7.0 bottle. After I gathered it - it gave me lvl 1.5 map leads to rocky cove.

    - Trading. I receive alot of logs about complete trading. Some companies shows that we have like 1800 ships running. But I don't receive any wares or gold anymore. Some say they stopped trading, just in case, waiting for it to be fixed.


    Oh... yeah, and this Wonder stuff is for Megas right? Lone wolves should never bother...

    Edited by George Catcher

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    3 hours ago, photek said:

    after the modular ship revamp there will be another bugfix wave and more wonders

    and a balance adjustment first for pve, on top of that for pvp

    where do you have all this information from?

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    ButIs this also available for single player? 

    Cause NEW map wasn't or ain't available for single player.

    I'd like to go through portals aswell in single player, to go to Africa or Antartica, discover these new locations and islands

    Does anyone knows? 

    Or when it will implanted on single player?

    Please someone answer this, I am dying to play this (single) game again though, updated.

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    tyvm for implementing the "Tramp Freighter", announced in the last patch notes before this patch, without the 4 cargo containers it is rly fast and i think a lot of people will be happy with it.

    just in case some new people are reading this and they wanna drop cargo containers you need to put smth into it before you get an option to drop it, and every cargo container gives a 10% debuff on the base speed, so 4 cargo containers on board is 40% debuff, and no if you have only the 4 cargo racks on board (default, without containers) it gives no debuff.

    this tramp freighter has no modular points and it is not possible to exchange modules because it needs to stay the same at all time, maybe not even 2 points for a diving att.

    (speed test 4 variants (mixed sails not included): so, with "only speed sails without 4 cargo containers" ofc is the fastest variant, with "only handling sails without 4 cargo containers" it is 4 knots slower, with only "speed sails plus 4 cargo containers" it is almost the same speed as the "only handling without 4 cargo containers" variant which it is just a little slower, and the last variant is "only handling plus 4 cargo containers" that would be the slowest variant with a decent speed 6 knots below the "only handling without 4 cargo" variant, which is also the default tramp freighter you get from the shipyard)

    (tested within the same conditions on offi, i won't spoiler you the top speed 🙂

    (a little bug there aswell if not with all modular ships idk right now but you can sail against the wind with 80% of your "normal" speed, happening to the 4 cargo container variants, so without the cargo containers you can sail against the wind with op speed, obv. its a bug, and the ship is longer at the front than its visuals are indicating, same bug as the COG before last patch)

    in this version i discovered a few bugs right away after a few minutes so in a few days i guess there will be a patch again, and i hope this time they fix the gamebreaker like not being able to get your animals onto the modular ships, and the market not working, and the bottles with maps giving wrong maps way below the quality it should be, and maybe the shops but it is just the waves or water under it pushing them under the ceilings/floors, a few seasons ago i needed to build my shop 3 walls high to be accessable at all time.. xd)

    Edited by photek

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    So since your big last patch we got a broken market with trade routes not working, rookie cove is more unstable than a 3rd world country with more & more servers disappearing everyday, more disconnecting then ever game wide, modular ship speed nerf making them pointless to build, & a ridiculous & unnecessary resource change. Thanks to your lack of ability to code & test my company is now all trapped in rookie cove. Late last night we went back to rookie cove to get the last of our stuff & build another ship to bring back to our new home in South American servers. But today more than half of rookie cove servers are missing. With D2 being down over a week already there is no telling when/if any servers will be back up in rookie cove. So thanks to you we might loose everything for the 3rd time now. & even time its because of your constant server outages.  At this point we would all of been better off without that last update/patch. If you hate your game so much why don't you just sell it instead of destroying it from within. It's a real fun game the 10-13 days a month that it actually works properly. It's been looking lately like your more interested in scamming people out of money instead of making a video game. So sell the rights to it or get rid of the devs &/or their supervisors (if there are any) & #MakeAtlasGreatAgain 

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